No one seems to know how the caption “Ugly Hoe” made its way to the final print of Irving High School’s 2013 yearbook. But now Irving Independent School District in Texas is attempting to investigate how it could have possibly happened and has no doubt they’ll find the culprit.

In a report from KHOU, the school says they have evidence the approved version did not contain the slander, but the book was printed with the remark in place of the cheerleader’s name.

One student found the picture on Twitter. “I think it’s wrong to bully her that way,” he said. “No one deserves to be bullied like that.”

From KHOU:

“Our educators have hearts and concern for the students, so immediately our concern is for that student and her well being, and to make sure we get this problem corrected as quick as possible,” Weaver said.

The district said the student who did this will be punished under the district’s code of conduct.

Administrators are trying to figure out how to fix the problem and replace the books.

Maybe the school should also look at the company responsible for printing the yearbook, especially since the approved version was sent without “ugly hoe” listed as the cheerleader’s name.

Also, this is a “hoe”:



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