Songstress RaVaughn Brown may be the new kid on the block but she is fast approaching her way to stardom. Flaunting an eclectic/pop folk sound in her latest double-snapping anthem track, “Best Friend,” the first lady to Ne-Yo’s Compound University is ready to showcase her talent along with a dynamic look that we just can’t get enough of.

Humbly nicknamed “The New Voice of Women,” the Los Angeles native is commanding the public eye with her stand out vocals and by the way she modishly rocks a red carpet, video shoot or sidewalk. Clutch sat down with RaVaughn for some girl talk on summer beauty trends and how she conquers a fabulous short ‘do that would make any man a fool to place her in the “friend zone.”

Clutch: You’ve become quite the hair inspo for your fabulous short cut. When did you take on this look? Would you say your hair is a part of your brand or could we ever catch you flaunting a few extensions?

Ravaughn: Thank you! I chopped off my long locks about three years ago. My hair is definitely a part of my brand but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have in some extensions sometimes – but it’ll be fly! You never know what you’re going to get with me.

Clutch: Nice! So you’re not afraid to change it up. How do you keep your short hair from boring out?

RaVaughn: I color it a lot! I wear my hair depending on how I feel at the beginning of the day – it might be a bang [or] slicked back.

Clutch: What are some trends you’re into at the moment? Any lip colors you’re rocking for the summer season?

RaVaughn: My great friend Adrienne Bailon just released her fingernail polish line that I’m loving. It’s called Fingertip Fetish – the first line is based off of New York City such as “Hail a Cab” for yellow. She related every color of the line to different NYC staples. As far as lip colors, I’m definitely into Ruby Woo from MAC, Candy Yum Yum by MAC as well. For my every day lip, it’s C-Thru also by MAC.



Clutch: You’re from L.A. Has the city’s iconic style influenced your personal look at all?

RaVaughn: It definitely has. When I go places, people say “You’re from LA, aren’t you?” We don’t have seasons so [that enables] me to wear whatever I want whenever I want.

Clutch: Since you’re always in the public eye, there is always that pressure to staying fit. How do you tackle maintaining your figure?

RaVaughn: Not eating what I really want like French fries and ice cream and paying my enemy a visit every once in a while: the gym.

Clutch: If we were to invade your closet, what is one piece of item you can’t live without accessorizing into your wardrobe?

RaVaughn: There isn’t one piece but overall, I would die without my everyday key jewelry pieces and a leather jacket. My key jewelry pieces are earrings and rings.


Clutch: How is your style reflective to who you are as a person and an artist?

RaVaughn: My style represents my personality. I’m every woman. I’m crazy, sexy and cool.

Love it! How are you switching up your style for summer, Clutchettes?

 -Nicole Breeden

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