Lee Daniels’ highly-anticipated film, “The Butler,” sparked a heated debate on social media after a photograph from the film made its rounds on the internet. A still from the movie, which follows Eugene Allen (Forest Whitaker), a head butler at the White House, displays Mariah Carey as a slave picking cotton in the field.

The photograph immediately drew backlash as several people on social media expressed that someone of Mariah Carey’s complexion wouldn’t work in the field. They believe her pale complexion would render her a house slave. To that end, there are also some Twitter users who feel a darker-skinned woman should have been picked for Mariah Carey’s role.

One critic tweeted “She wouldn’t even be a house slave, she could pass as white,” and another posted “Zoe Saldana is Nina Simone and Mariah Carey is in the fields taking good slave acting jobs from dark-skinned peoples.”

Whether we’re discussing Zoe Saldana’s casting as Nina Simone or Mariah’s as a field slave, it feels like the colorism debate won’t end anytime soon. What do you think of the criticism of Mariah Carey’s photograph and casting, Clutchettes?

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