Virginia School Board Member Faces Firing After Sending Racist Michelle Obama Emails

Sangjib Min, Daily Press / March 25, 2008

A Virginia school board is calling for the resignation of one of its members, after he emailed what some called racist and inappropriate messages to his colleagues.

This all goes back to the Isle of Wight school board member Herb Degroft and an e-mail he sent containing naked women and a reference to First Lady Michelle Obama.

He forwarded two emails from his county email  account. One had a picture with bare-breasted, African female warriors with the caption “Michelle Obama’s high school reunion.” Another e-mail claimed Mrs. Obama was paid $50 to model in National Geographic.

Some board members say they have been receiving similar e-mails from Degroft since January of 2012.

In retrospect, Degroft admits he made a mistake. He says the e-mails were meant to be political, not racist. When it comes to resigning from his position, he said he is not going anywhere. However, that’s up to voters to decide.

Well the voters decided.  On Thursday,  the Isle of Wight School Board voted 4-1 to ask School Board member DeGroft to resign.

DeGroft cast the sole dissenting vote.

DeGroft said after the meeting that the vote won’t have any more effect on his decision to resign than the School Board’s initial May 20 statement calling for his resignation.

“I understand where they’re coming from, that they had to take some official action,” he said. “Good leaders learn from their mistakes and become better leaders and that’s my objective.”





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  • Anthony

    He says his e-mails were political and not racist. Who says that being political and racist are mutually exclusive?

  • MLI

    He needs to go. I don’t understand what political statement he thought he was making with those emails. It is a sad testament of our times that political discourse in this country has sunken to name calling at all levels of government.

    Side note, you all don’t mention his name, but he certainly looks old enough to have been part of the generation that fought against civil rights.

    • MLI

      you all don’t mention his *age*

  • L

    why does he have to resign? Why can’t they vote him out?

    And He’s too old for these emails. thats some childish ish right there.

    • Anthony

      Hey, it’s that Obama Derrangement Syndrome striking once again.

  • ScriptTease

    It’s never racist with national geographic comments mixed in with black folk, and quick to accuse you of playing the race card when they are called on it too. SMDH

  • talaktochoba

    better than he deserves…