Deon Cole's Black Box

It’s been a long time since a comedy show captured our attention. In Living Color did it. The Chappelle Show did it. But since it went off the air in 2006 a huge void has gone unfilled.

Enter comedian Deon Cole and his show, Deon Cole’s Black Box. Produced by Conan O’Brien, Deon Cole’s show mixes internet viral videos with Cole’s comedic reimagining to present something both timely and hilarious.

While riffing on Internet memes is nothing new, Cole says his show will not dabble in the stereotypical foolishness we see on the web.

He told Laughspin: “Nah, not gonna do that. Shout out to World Star Hip-Hop and my boy Q and everybody over there. Nah, the show is just my point of view, man. That’s all it is. You give me a topic, you give everybody else a topic, you’re gonna hear variations of different comedy styles. That’s all it is. This is just my version of what’s going on. I’m not gonna take away from nobody else’s version, but I’ve got something to say about it, too.”

So what sets Black Box apart from similar shows like Tosh 2.0? According to Cole, his point of view.

“Every great comic has a unique perspective about whatever it is. And that’s what I think I have in my stand-up. That’s the difference between all of this stuff. You gotta understand: all these shows and everything that goes on television is the same wheel. It’s just a different rim. That’s how you have to look at it. It’s a different rim on the same damn wheel. I’m not doing nothing different than what anybody else is doing but giving my opinion. That’s what makes me totally different from anybody else. That’s it. That’s the difference. That’s the key. My approach, my delivery, all of that is the key thing. You could watch Sports Center or you could watch Fox Sports. It’s the same thing. It’s just what your preference is. You got Leno, Conan, Letterman knocking at the same topics.”

Check out a few clips of Deon Cole’s Black Box. The show airs Mondays at 10pm EST. Will you be tuning in? 

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  • Ellis

    Sooo another comedian with sister issues. I liked Deon Cole’s comedy in the past, but I was caught off guard when there was the ” ugh – black women” bits. Off it.

  • Kal

    Dear tbs,

    Deon Coles black box is the worst tv show ever. Though it is hosted by a black man, it’s a show based on pointing fun and rude Racist jokes directed toward black people. If there was a white host it would be considered racist but because a black man was appointed to be host , you might have figured we wouldn’t be offended but we are and I can’t speak for all but I feel like resist jokes aren’t ok regardless of who is telling them and I would like tbs to take down this show or atleast change the points in the show !

    Kalil Stimpson

    • Someone who cares

      Amen Sister

  • Someone who cares

    How in the world did this show ever make it to TV. This show is pure racism. This man has the balls to call Paula Dean a racist. That is so sad. Its time to stand up and get this show and others like them off the air.