“Dark Girls,” a documentary set to air on OWN Sunday, explores colorism through the eyes of African-American women with deeper skin tones. Alongside painful testimonies from women who have experienced prejudice because of their complexion, “Dark Girls” discusses the attraction white men have to dark-skinned women. The website describes them as “White men in loving intimate relationships with Black women that were passed over by ‘their own men.”

One white man in the film says it wasn’t a “conscious choice” to date a dark-skinned woman instead of a lighter-skinned woman:

“It wasn’t an effort to go find the deepest, darkest, chocolate sister out there and get the full-on real deal, straight from the motherland. […] I didn’t think that [a darker skin tone] that defined ‘blackness’ to me. You’re not more ethnic if you’re darker. That just happened to be who [my wife] was. When you look at her, there was nothing about that color of her skin that defined her.”

Another says he was always attracted to women of various ethnicities and his family supported his desire to date interracially:

“I remember distinctly a conversation I had with my father when I was in elementary school. I did realize that I was attracted to — in more than a social way — women of all ethnicities. I remember distinctly going to my father and saying, ‘Dad, would you mind if I did marry a black woman one day? His response to me was, ‘As long as she looks good, I don’t care what color she is.'”

Watch a sneak peek here:

Will you tune into “Dark Girls,” when it airs this Sunday at 10 PM EST, Clutchettes?

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  1. Ask_Me

    @Red Pill

    “Black women have had the mic all to themselves for 40 years, ripping black men apart in the media. TV specials, talk shows, and the entire catalog of black man hating movies and books by Alice Walker and Terri McMillan, with the full force of the white media behind you.”

    Your comment is FILLED with lies and revisionist history SWP. If you’re going to come on this site under different usernames the least you could do is TRY to be consistent. We’ll ignore the fact that the little family history that you just gave above CONTRADICTS the nonsense you spew in your videos about your family. I want to focus on the part of your comment I quoted.

    LONG before there was an Alice Walker and Terry McMillian there was a Richard Wright, Chester Himes and a Ralph Ellison who didn’t do black women ANY favors in their books. This was DECADES before Alice Walker and Terry McMillian were even born.

    Neither Richard Wright nor the others had any issue throwing black women under the bus with stereotypical images and being praised by the white media for doing so.

    LONG before black women had our literary independence day black men had theirs. So you can sit here and pretend that black women started the “war” but history and YOUR LITERARY works tell a different story.

    There was Elderidge Cleaver who was praised for Soul On Ice…a book in which he detailed his RAPES of black women.

    There was a black man by the name of William Hannibal Thomas who wrote a book that completely trashed black women in the EARLY 20th. NO prominent black man came forward to “check” this individual. The only people who stood up for black women were black women.

    So, please stop playing the victim. If anyone has any doubt who started this war….they need only refer to black men’s literary works and self-promoted EARLY and MID 20th century studies of black women.