Jordan and Jessica Rice

When Jordan Rice and Jessica Moreland got married they thought it would be forever. Unfortunately, their spouses passed away shortly after jumping the broom.

Rice lost his wife of a year to a rare form of cancer, and Moreland’s husband died from a motorcycle accident just two months after the couple said, “I do.” The tragedies rocked the pair and they wondered if they’d ever experience that kind of love again….until they found each other.

“Jordan and I talked about this the first time we met — never feeling like we could be excited about a person again,” Jessica explained to ABC News.

“We knew we would meet someone, but it would never be the same, and nothing could reach the pinnacle that it was before.”

Jordan echoed her sentiments, “I thought I might meet someone cool and nice and sweet, but I don’t know if I would be madly in love with this person and feel deeply for them.”

After a mutual friend suggested they hook up, Jordan sent Jessica a friend request on Facebook. After checking to make sure they had friends in common, Jessica accepted, and Jordan penned a note that would change his life.

After exchanging emails, Jordan–who lived in NYC–made up an excuse to visit Jessica in Washington D.C. When the couple met, they talked for hours and knew the date was the beginning of something special.

“I can’t really say when or why during that conversation, but there was a period where I was looking at him, and I thought, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?’ I could not believe what was happening,” she told ABC. “When he left, I was flabbergasted. I knew my life was about to turn upside down.”

Jordan and Jessica were married on June 22 surrounded by friends, family, and even the family of their deceased spouses. Everyone celebrated their union. But no one was happier than the couple.

Jordan explains, “I stare into her eyes and feel so incredibly connected and hope and pray we have a long life together — though, that is not always promised.”

We wish Jessica and Jordan a long and happy union!

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