Beyonce Dad Remarries Singer and Sister Solange Do Not Attend

Beyoncé has a new stepmother. Her father, Mathew Knowles, got married last Sunday. His representative told The Associated Press on Friday that he has wed former model Gena Charmaine Avery in Houston, Texas. The pair had been engaged for a year and a half. Knowles and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina, divorced in 2011 after 31 years of marriage and two children.

Knowles told TMZ  his two daughters couldn’t make it to the ceremony, saying, “Unfortunately, Beyoncé and Solange had previous engagements which made it impossible for them to attend.”

A little over 3 years ago, Beyoncé severed business ties with her father. Knowles, head of Music World Entertainment, stopped managing his daughter’s career in March 2011. In a statement to Us Weekly at the time, Beyoncé  said there was no hard feelings based on her decision.

“I’ve only parted ways with my father on a business level,” Beyoncé said. “He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I grew up watching both he and my mother [Tina Knowles] manage and own their own businesses. They were hard-working entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.” 


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  • Marcy

    When my dad and his much young lady married I also had a prior engagement…my hair desperately needed a deep condition that evening :)

    • Karyn


    • UgoBabeeee


  • Beyoncé and Solange are grown women, not teenagers…their father should be allowed to marry whomever he likes without having to worry about how it affects his GROWN daughters. I hope he and his new wife are happy together because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

    • Missi

      Co-sign…I am quite shocked at some of these responses.

  • MimiLuvs

    A few of the comments reminds me of my first relationship. I was eighteen and he was forty-eight. He had adult-children and two ex-wives.
    Yeah… Fun times.

    • And another thing

      wtf? GUUURRL, in what galaxy does a 48 yr old man and an 18 yr old have in common? YOU CAN’T EVEN GO INTO A BAR WITH HIM!

    • It is a llllllooooonnnnggg story!

  • Southpaw

    Is this the first case where a black mans gets money and leaves his light-skin, high-yellow wife and hooks up with a dark skin black woman.

    • cass

      Do we always have to bring up color?

    • Anthony

      The more relevant issue is an older man leaves his aging wife for a woman about his daughters’ ages. That is pretty common.

    • Anthony

      @BeReal, I said nothing about what was worse.

    • NOitAll

      Southpaw. She’s “creole”, not high-yellow. Get it right! ;-)

  • GG

    Well, if I was Beyonce and Solange I would do the same thing. Like someone said they just don’t take into account of the children when they hurt the mother. If you are over the marriage just say you are through but if he wants to gamble his family oh well. Off topic this woman is reportedly 48 years old she looks amazing.

    • noirluv45

      Beyonce and Solange are not children. They are grown women. Is he obligated to stay single because of what happened between him and Tina? This woman isn’t even the one he had the baby with (that I know of). I understand they are upset about his cheating on their mother.

      Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with him moving on.

    • GG

      Ok you don’t see anything but they do. Everyone is different. It’s not about him moving on but it is how he moved on. They are grown and decided not to attend which is their right!

    • noirluv45

      GG, you are right. It was their right, and they made that decision. I don’t know any of the parties involved, so I don’t have anything invested in what they do. I was adding my two cents. That’s all. :-)