Bill Cosby: You Can’t Prove George Zimmerman Is Racist

Everyone has an opinion about the George Zimmerman trial.  Even Bill Cosby, of course.

In an interview with the “DomNnate Radio Show,”  Cosby shared some interesting views on the issue of race.

“This racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove,” Cosby said in an interview Tuesday. “You can’t prove somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.”

Oh really? So the man who is always trying to put black people in their ‘place’, doesn’t seem to think the killing was racially motivated, or that Trayvon Martin was profiled by a wannabe cop?

Cosby’s take on the trial? “The prosecution did not tell the story well, and they lost,” Cosby said. When asked about racial profiling his comments were even more disheartening. “Let’s not go into a racial discussion unless we really have something there,” he said

Cosby also had interesting views on the media and the Casey Anthony case.  “I found the media were jumping and had this woman guilty,” Cosby said. “I will never pay attention to information given to me by TV, radio or whatever about a high-profile case until the jury says what it says.”

Sigh. Sometimes I feel like a Cosby lecture. Sometimes I don’t. This is definitely one of those times.   You can listen to the whole interview below.


What do you think of Bill Cosby’s comments?

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  • The Other Jess

    I agree that this case should not have been argued on a racial basis because it was not proveable that way. Unless some very very extreme words were or actions were used by Zimmerman (before the murder), it was too easy for Zimmerman’s words to be seen as not racist or only mildly racist.

    On the other hand, this case should have been argued as a stalking case, a violation of Trayvon Martin’s right to safety and right to walk down a public street without feeling threatened, TRAYVON’S right to stand his grown against an unprovoked threat – which the Prosecution RUINED spectacularly.

    The focus on race at all was a waste of time – I would have made this into simply what it was – a murder of an unarmed teenager who did NOTHING even remotely criminal or wrong that night. But the Prosecution chose another path, thus they lost.

    I think all Cosby is saying that it is very hard to prove racial cases unless something very obvious is said or done, racially. Just saying “they always get away with it” means nothing – Zimmerman could’ve been talking about “teenagers always get away with it” or “males always get away with it” or anything. Same for profiling – maybe he profiled all teenaged males, not necessarily Black ones. Racism was not provable in THIS INCIDENT. His statement was not provable IN COURT that he was racist, even though WE all know he was only one step away from being a Klan member.

    What WAS proveable was that Zimmermna committed murder with no provocation, no just cause, and threatened Trayvon. But the prosecution did a terrible job of showing that and in my opinion, threw the case intentionally.

  • As far as I’m concerned, we are dealing with two extremes. One side, mostly white, swears racism is in our heads. The other side, blacks, think every slight, put down or event is racist. The truth is in the middle. Do I think Zimmerman killed Trayvon? Duh…Do I think he profiled him? Duh…Do I think all of these protests should actually head back to the black communities rife with crime, like me old home town and nearby Chicago? Do I think we would be better served teaching male and females to get a long? Do I think we should smack parents who spend more on Xbox, Gameboys, and Lebron Shoes than on education? Why can your child recite every Lil Wayne, 2Chain, N Minaj, and JayZ rift but not fundamental math and reading? THAT’S the real trouble. Why don’t we support our businesses? Why do our periodicals put the same athletes, hip hop performers, and actors in articles? Why do we allow our own light skinned vs dark skinned…black enough or not black enough? Willie Lynch style stupidity.

    The facts were rife with holes. I think the prosecution rushed to a case and didn’t really prepare. One may argue that was because they didn’t plan to bring a case at all or, more closer to the truth, they were looking for legal ground and building their story. I for one want us to back to the drawing board and stop defending and promoting the thug life and stupidity of men in our normative culture. I want us to embrace other cultures. Learn. Look more closely, and find commonalities. If we lift ourselves up and then find these moments of prejudice–which they still do exist–permeating, THEN it’s time to raise alarm. If, however, we aren’t protesting the cycle of crooked, money taking acolytes we’ve inherited or selected, or the thugs with guns who look like our kids, sell drugs to our kids and look like our kids, and if we can get the mama drama over with between men and women of kids who aren’t together, maybe it won’t matter what others think. The media will NEVER hold us in positive light because they need a dummy to use a bailiwick against all other cultures. First it was the Jews, Irish and Italians and us. We’re still here because we’ve abandoned the teachings of Garvey, Malcolm, and Martin. Sad to say, no one will respect us until we respect ourselves. Butt cheeks hanging out with cheap bad weave, pants dangling off hips showing underwear, and thinking a prison record is a rite of manly passage? Who told us buffoonery was in style again? SMH.

  • Cosby’s son was killed by a white racist who didn’t understand all the fuss over him killing a n##ger drug dealer. Cosby cannot face the fact that his own son was profiled so he focuses his anger at black people. It is sad that a man that has done so much for black people in the past has turned into a bitter old man. Google Camile Cosby’s heartbreaking essay “Racism in U.S. is Responsible” to read her opinion of her son’s tragic death.

    • cherlayn

      I wondered what happened to the Cos, he turned bitter a while back…condescending and rude @ times…thank you! I have been arguing with black folks that think it is sacrelige to tell the truth abt ole Cos!! he was correct in saying that the prosecution pretty much sucked but that was his only truth!!

    • 91.1 at the University of MA is inundated by white racists. I say this because they have been all over the air with the sexual extortion of current and former students and their pretended anti-dealer campaign and pretended when they have gravely injured informants. 91.1 is UMASS radio. Not only do they breed racism if not by exposing students to their filth but by use of violence (see WHAI / WMAS refers to their units as skinners and force feeds those they extort the skins of mental perverts when sexualizing their targets over the air). 91.1 burned the head of a black man and force fed his feces to a white woman they were comparing intelligence and genitals to. Worse, they burned the neck of the EMS operator delivering the black man to the emergency room.

      “Our March Madness gaming!” these putrids at 91.1 go on to say while demanding money. “We’ll reel them by the eyeball and back to campus for ((some sums)) if we wish to! We’ll target the anti – UMASS sports athlete if we want to. We’ll force you to eat shoe, sniff feet and slurp an athletes armpit because we felt like it.”

      “Like so!” they dare say while employing sound similar used in turbo engines and when forcing their targets to swallow these agents. See: Laser Guided Technology.

      WMAS and WHAI accommodate when engaged in child and adult snuff and when marketing themselves as agents ready and willing to shut one raped by these creeps at UMASS and then themselves up.

      “I thoroughly enjoy offing the first born son, the sons generally” they dare say when calling themselves the lord and when soliciting donations. “We’ll reel you by the eyeballs if we wish to” they say when burning the eyes; and, “the blacks are here to s*uck our dic*ks!”

      When demonstrating their truth in this regard they go on to force listeners or others in the area to listen to those DJs at 90.7 do just that. We are forced to listen to them engage perverted sex acts. This while finding the audacity to solicit a celebrity judge with the threat of forcing this judge to consume a mental degenerate.

      In my case, these pews threatened with the genitalia a worker at UMASS. This while claiming they not only had the right to extort Cosby or to suggest his son was killed over the extortion lawsuit he endured but that they had a right to press this matter in such a way so as to re-inact it. Imagine finding yourself confronted by some bunch of marooned, green commie pews out of the University of Massachusetts (91.1) — some your child’s age and some into their fifties who then dare insist on calling you mommy or insist one is related in any way at all.

      This when some pervert such as Ed Carroll of News 40 and those rapists as are at 90.7 not only rape and injure the student body, former student body and more but then target their families when at it. Pork face Madsen and the weather man at WWLP for example are making a go at child snuff film sales overseas. This while Madsen affords gross types out of WMAS an opportunity to covertly survey the genitals of minor children residing at the UMASS family housing.

      This while they refer to themselves as the most nig. One not naturally inclined to find itself discerning when contemplating race then begins to do do. A nigger pervert murderer is a nigger pervert murderer. White, Black, Yellow, Smurf like blue.

  • Deidra

    What’s wrong with the point he was trying to make? Is it because he wasnt ranting about “whiteys this whiteys that ” and “white people hold us back all the time”? BS? Whether or not this Zimmerman was racist should be irrelevant. The case should have left race out, and focused on the fact that he MURDERED a child.

    But the Trayvon case, since race was brought needs to be focused on the real source of the problem in terms of race relations in America.You all are complaining that the death of Trayvon is being treated as the death of a non human? Well why do you think that is? Because his skin is dark and that’s it?

    No lets go a little deeper.

    You know the saying no one will respect you until you respect yourself? The black community is filled with so many people who literally are walking stereotypes. Too many blacks especially black youth DO NOT RESPECT THEMSELVES.

    Blacks boys kill each other constantly at such a high amount in comparison to white on white crime. YET blacks are not even a majority. Statistically what takes the life of black youth? It is either a bullet, or a petty fight. Are white kids being killed off in these petty situations by other white kids at high rates? NO.

    Why does the majority of black youth turn Hip Hop and gansta rap to an actual cultural lifestyle? You guys like to say “oh white kids listen to rap music to” HELLOOO do the majority of white kids turn rap music into an actual culture and mimic the stupid rap videos!? NO. Why don’t enough black parents teach their kids that the stupid rap gangsta videos should not be mimicked? White parents don’t allow their kids to turn the rap music they listen to to be brought home and to a job interview or everywhere they go.

    This is what causes non blacks especially white people, to be DESENSITIZED to the death of a black boy.

    Until our community gets its shit together. People will see us differently. STOP blaming slavery for everything. That is really pathetic and immature. You guys think only us blacks had ancestors who were oppressed by whites? Hispanics and jews and Asians bring themselves together , make no excuses, and never blame the past for anything.

    • Melissa

      Could not have said it any better myself, thank you!!!!