For months I was so confused.

Throughout the day,  various people on my Facebook stream would post updates about being stuck on a “level” and how they’ve given up for the night and will finally quit for the day.  I had no clue what all of these people were talking about. Was it an occult? An initiation? What the hell were these levels everyone started to complain about.

Then I got my first Candy Crush Saga invite.

Then a…well you see where I’m going with this.

Yes, apparently it was an occult, and a rip off of Bejeweled Blitz.  Well maybe occult is too harsh of a word, but the requests were down right annoying. And yes, I Migueled everyone who was sending them to me. I thought I had smarter friends than ones who cried over not completing levels on a Facebook game. I try to live in a no judgment zone, but  first you want me to farm on a virtual farm, and now you want me to drop pieces of candy all day?

I’ll just add Candy Crush Saga to yet another Facebook annoyance.  Luckily I figured out a way to block the pesky application invites, and to many of my friend’s dismay.  When one friend realized she couldn’t invite me she texted, “Why won’t you play Candy Crush Saga?”.  Girl, bye. Was the only response fitting for such rubbish.

But Candy Crush Saga isn’t the only thing that has recently perturbed me on the book of faces.  Facebook seems to get more intrusive on a daily basis.

Have you  noticed that you’re now able to see that an inbox email was read? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just live not knowing if a message wasn’t read, than to know it was read and the receiving person doesn’t care enough to reply.
For example,  friend “A” emails me.  Sure, I read the message, but I was grocery shopping and didn’t have time to respond.

“A” then sends me a text, “Why didn’t you respond to my message. I can see you read it?”.


In the middle of picking out my seafood for the evening, you really think responding to a Facebook email is on the top of my priority list? Why are you stalking read emails? If a message is that important, why not pick up the phone and call?

These issues with Facebook are just the tip of the iceberg.  Hashtags, Graphsearch, Sponsored Posts, My mother’s bible verses written in all capital letters.  But how else would I be able to keep track of my friends that I don’t speak to on a daily basis?  I’d just like to do it without so much rigmarole and intrusiveness.

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