There are a few things that baffle me about Kanye West.  So many people want to label him a genius when it comes to his music, but apparently that’s where it stops.  It doesn’t take a genius celebrity to realize that when you’re “Public Enemy #1” for paparazzi, that you may want to travel more securely and protected.  When was the last time you saw Jay-Z or Beyoncé with bodyguards? Hell, even The Biebs has a security detail.

Last night, while walking alone, out of LAX, yet another photographer violated Kanye’s “privacy bubble”. This time it got ugly.

According to TMZ, the photographer now wants to press charges against Kanye. On top of being a brand new baby daddy, Kanye could be charged with felony attempted robbery.

Maybe the stress of realizing he’s stuck with the Kardashians for the rest of his life is finally getting to him.


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