Brooke Harris

More drama has been drumming up for Brooke Harris, a teacher that wholeheartedly cares about social justice.

Her drum major ways haven’t been equally accepted by everyone. The teacher lost her job last year at Pontiac Academy for helping students fundraise for Trayvon Martins’ family. Now, she is facing a possible termination from her new place of work, Mumford High School, after she was accused of helping students stage a walkout in regards to the school’s policies.

Harris told The Huffington Post that she was not in town when the incident occurred and had nothing to do with a walkout. She oversees a group of students through the Social Justice League, an extracurricular club that provides a safe space for students to discuss issues.

“She believes she is being punished for her involvement in a controversial student club and for publicly speaking out against the Education Achievement Authority (EAA), the body that runs the high school,” The Huffington Post writes. The EAA is a newly formed independent organization that seeks to take over and turnaround the state’s lowest performing schools. Harris believes the organization is ridden with systematic problems and ignores the needs of teachers and students.

Harris has publicly condemned EAA on several occasions and has submitted written testimonies to the Senate Committee.

And now, they’ve come back to bite.

Terry Abbott, an EAA representative, told The Huffington Post that Harris participated in an activity that disrupted “educational activities and the safety and security of students and staff.”

Believing that Harris has been unfairly singled out, supporters of the justice-minded teacher have taken to the internet to prevent Harris’ termination. A petition on Change.org is now available, asking Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, the state school superintendent Michael Flanagan, the Michigan legislature, and the EAA board chair Carol Goss to “Help End the EAA’s Campaign Against Whistleblower Teacher Brooke Harris.” A Facebook group titled “Save Our Teacher Brooke Harris” has also appeared online with more than 400 members.

“Brooke’s firing can be a tragedy, or it can be a cinder that finally sets ablaze this corporate educational reform crap we’ve been dealing with for way too long now,” the Facebook group states on its page.

Harris had a pre-termination hearing on Monday and awaits a final mandate in coming weeks.

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