Feeling stagnant? Need a bit of clarity? Having trouble manifesting your dream job, ideal romantic relationship, a clean bill of health or the property you’ve always wanted to purchase? A simple exercise called Mind Mapping may just help you.

Mind mapping is an exercise that was introduced to me by one of my girlfriends who seemed to be rapidly manifesting all of her goals. She wanted to leave corporate America and live off of a portable income, in a beachfront property in an exotic location. I had admittedly fallen into a slump, a slump that was more of a depression to be quite frank. Lamenting my life and what it once was–the husband, living in an ocean front property, having a stable lucrative career, and most of all, good health. All of these things that I once cherished were gone, just like that, one by one.

I sunk into a deep depression. I mean deep deep, like laying in the bed for days, not washing my behind or brushing my teeth, isolating myself from loved ones contemplating suicide kind of depression. That’s when a friend who was sensing my pain and hopelessness phoned me up. We spoke about the mundane and some of the real life issues I had been experiencing, and she behooved me to try this exercise, she called Mind Mapping.

I must say, it really helped me to categorize the areas in my life that most demanded my attention and forced me to visualize and write down how those things would look and feel once manifested. The exercise enabled me to focus my attention succinctly on the desires/goals I have for my life, in every aspect. It was such a great and magical experience that I wanted to share with you, the step by step process of developing a mind map.

  1. Draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper.
  2. Write a Theme in the circle. This can be Career, Home, Husband, Health, whatever area of your life you want to center your focus.
  3. Now just like you learned how to brainstorm in elementary school, draw lines from this circle describing in detail what that ‘thing’ you desire looks and feels like. Be as descriptive as you possibly can.
  4. Either alone or in a group, repeat those things that you have written down, share them with your support circle or aloud to yourself, and then hang it in a visible location to be reminded of your desires everyday.

Sounds simple enough right? Perhaps even a bit too elementary. But I must say that there is an immense amount of power in writing and speaking your truth. ‘Mind Mapping’ has been exceedingly beneficial in helping me to restore a healthy mind set. I just started a few months ago, and after experiencing the health scare of my life I’m fully recovered and have reached many of my health goals. To be even more specific, I was very clear about wanting to find an opportunity to work and do what I love abroad, and several opportunities have presented themselves in my desired international locations.

Try it out and see what you are capable of manifesting! What do you have to lose!



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