Mimi and daughter

Mimi Faust and her daughter, Eva.

Mimi Faust is the mule of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. The bulk of her tenure on the popular Vh1 show has been spent spotlighting her dysfunctional relationships with men. The first season followed her tumultuous relationship with Stevie J, a music producer with a penchant for cheating (and allegedly releasing sex tapes of successful female rappers). Viewers witnessed Faust’s heartbreak as she learned Stevie J. was driving a bus with more than one passenger.

Dramatic therapy sessions revealed how entwined Stevie J. was with his mistress, Joseline, so Faust decided to end their tumultuous 15-year-long relationship.

The second season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta finds Faust in a new relationship with Nikko, a burgeoning rapper and hip-hop producer. Her castmate, K.Michelle, believes Nikko is a down-low brother using Faust for television time. He’s done nothing to refute these allegations and has proved K.Michelle right episode after episode. Despite the evidence, recent photos revealed Faust and Nikko looking happier than ever.

Though she’s in a new relationship, Faust is still connected to Stevie J. He purchased her a car and requested head of lettuce in return.

Her love-life is a cocktail ripe with grief. Faust has been humiliated time and time again. Avid viewers of the show criticize and condemn Faust for not realizing her own worth. She’s retorted by claiming all women have been cheated on and we should respect her for being courageous enough to highlight her issues on television.

But there’s one person being impacted the most by Faust’s behavior and choices: Her two-year-old daughter, Eva. Though her daughter has only been filmed on the show once, Faust’s decisions will influence her daughter’s romantic relationships in the future. But she doesn’t see that.

In an interview with VLAD TV, Faust claims the child she shared with Stevie J. won’t face the same troubles she’s had with men.

“Eva is definitely very intelligent and smart. When Eva is old enough to understand and realize, I’ll let her know these are the mistakes that mommy made and we don’t do that. I want her to learn from my mistakes so I will not have her go down the same road, I’m going to teach her differently. And I know better because I’ve made the mistakes, so I know right from wrong. And I know how to teach her to do otherwise. So no I’m not afraid of that. That’s not a concern of mine.”

It is honorable for Faust to raise Eva out of the shadows of her mistakes. There is a high possibility that she will succeed with her intention. However, children see, children absorb and children repeat, so there is no guarantee that Eva will choose a different path if she continues to see her mother in harmful relationships.

Combine Faust’s proclivity for horrible men with Stevie J.’s appalling treatment of women, and it’s reasonable to assume Eva will have an uphill battle in unlearning the mistakes of her parents.

What say you Clutchettes and gents? Is it possible to disavow from the sins of your parents if they continually repeat them?

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