After his rape rap controversy, Rick Ross is the last name you’d associate with current news yet the rapper recently lent his voice to highlight the injustice of Trayvon Martin’s killing and the subsequent case.

He released a new song titled “I Wonder Why” which features audio from the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon’s friend and the defense’s star witness in the George Zimmerman trial. A snippet of Jeantel’s testimony can be heard at the close of the song when she voices the infamous phrase, “creepy ass cracker.” In the lyrics, Ross also addresses the “Stand Your Ground” law.

An excerpt below:

“Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/
Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/
Stand your ground, stand your ground/
Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground.”

See the full lyrics here and listen to the song here.

His outrage is palpable in the song, and the rapper echoed that anger in an interview with Makho Ndlovu of Global Grind about his reaction to George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict: “I’m still angry, I’m upset. I’m really enraged. I’ve just been trying to keep from putting too much negative energy out there.”

What do you think of Ross’ decision to reference the Trayvon Martin trial and incorporate Rachel Zeantel’s testimony into his song?

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  1. Hmmm…

    Well everyone (especially) of color should be enraged. Even though his music perpetuates stereotypes, it doesn’t mean he can’t legitimately have been moved as an artist to speak out. I’ll save further judgement depending on what he does with any money made off this song.

  2. Miakoda

    It is clear that this is nothing more than him using a hot topic for his personal gain. I mean, did you all actually listen to the lyrics and song in its entirety?

    • Just Listen

      i disagree. i’ve heard the song (…duh) and it seems like he’s angry and spouting venom at the justice system. whether he does it well or not is another conversation…

  3. Mediocrityisrewarded

    See what not being able to read cursive, being in high school at 19 and not being able to put a well crafted english sentence that can get you into a top school get you kids? Offer for free college and shout on a song. Don’t bother to stay in school, the ones who fail get all the glory. You who studied hard will have to take out loans, loans and more loans. I wish she was this enthusiastic about being a better witness in order to help the case for Trayvon. Oh, well, she will get a reality show next I am sure. I’m over it.

  4. MommieDearest

    I wonder if Ms. Jeantel will get compensated for the use of her “sample” on this track. I also wonder if the Martin family will benefit- like maybe some of the profits go to their Trayvon Martin Foundation.