Christopher Noth is known for his roles in  “Sex in the City,” “Law & Order” and “The Good Wife”.  But he’s although he lives his life on screen, his private life is something that he’s chosen to live privately.  Last year, Noth married his longtime girlfriend Tara Wilson, with whom he has a 5-year-old son, during a private ceremony in Hawaii.  Unlike his previous relationship with model, Beverly Johnson that included allegations of abuse then retractions of allegations, Noth’s relationship with Wilson, whom he met while she was working at music venue he owned, was out of the public eye.

In a recent interview with the  Wall Street Journal, a candid Noth talked about getting married and his dismay over opponents of interracial relationships sending the couple racist hate mail.

“When I was in a play on Broadway two years ago I’d occasionally get letters of outrage, usually from somewhere in Alabama or something, saying y’know, ‘Don’t come down here with your wife,’” he said.

Even after all of the hate mail he still believes in a ‘post racial’ society. “We’re all getting together. We’re all mixing it up,” he laughs.


Check out the full interview below:



Updates: Apparently the lovely ladies at Beyond Black &  White seem to think this post is “fear-mongering” by black media, to discourage interracial relationships. I’m not sure where the fear mongering is located in this post, but they took the time out to write about this article and the “source” of the information.  I don’t take kindly to people slandering the site I spend my time helping to build, along with Dede Sutton. For the record, as a product of a multi-racial family, and someone who has dated inter-racially since high school, I could give a rats ass about who people choose to date. But I do not condone the self-hate that is exhibited by most members of the Beyond Black & White community, whom I refer to as “white meat chasers”.  Date a man because you like him, not because of some sick skin color/ethnicity preference you’ve developed from malformed thinking.  In my 20 years of dating, I’ve dated all types of men, but have never once used a negative excuse as a reason not to date a fellow brown/black brother.  In the words of A Tribe Called Quest, “ I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian..”..and I’ll even add white.



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