In this week’s “Politicians Say The Darnedest Things”, Bishop E.W. Jackson Jr., the Republican nominee for Virginia Lt. Governor, suggested that African Americans’ sexuality is to blame for urban violence. Jackson appeared on the Washington-area conservation station WMAL, and assailed the fixation on race as a factor in the death of Trayvon Martin after a 2012 altercation with Zimmerman in Florida. Jackson also blasted President Obama for releasing his Zimmerman statement, which he said racialized the trial.

When asked his prescription for ending black violence if elected lieutenant governor, Jackson offered this response:

“I think we have got to stop balkanizing ourselves and racializing ourselves and first of all start thinking of ourselves as Americans. See these problems as American problems, not as black problems or white problems, but American problems and come together and work on them,” he said.

“I certainly intend to go into these communities where at risk youth are — I’ve been doing it all my life in ministry — and talk to them about the need for being married before you bear children, “he added. “Stop treating your bodies as sexual objects. For men, to stay in the home and raise the children that they father. But this is not a short-term, wave your wand solution. We can’t solve this overnight. But we’ve got to begin to rebuild the family because in my view, that’s where the problem really lies.”

Hey, African-Americans, just be American and everything will be alright. While you’re at it, stop being so damn sexy and maybe you won’t get killed (sarcasm).

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