I’m convinced some people should not have access to the internet. As a matter of fact, before a person is granted access to the internet there should be a mandatory test just to make sure they have an IQ higher than a gnat and aren’t racist imbeciles.  Apparently a lot of baseball fans fall into both of those categories.

During the recent  2013 MLB All-Star Game, Marc Anthony took his place on the mound to sing “God Bless America”.   And that’s when people lost their minds.

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Not from America? I always wondered why white people think all Latino people are Mexican.

For the record Anthony is an American. Born in New York City to Puerto Rican, and not Mexican, parents. So I wonder since these people have an issue with Anthony singing “God Bless America”, do they also have an issue with the large number of Latino players in Major League Baseball?  Wait, never-mind, they probably think they’re all Mexican too.

The racism and ignorance in the world is magnified by the amount of people with access to the Internet.


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