Out of all the Smith kids, Willow is my favorite.  I love her version of “girl power” and even though her fashion tastes could be questionable at times, she’s a 12-year-old kid and is probably going through her experimenting phase.

At the age of 9, Willow’s big break came with her hit single “Whip My Hair.”  That song garnered her a nomination for Best New Artist and Video of the Year from the BET Awards. Not too bad for a 9-year-old, I suppose.

With the hype machine at full throttle, Willow was everywhere.  But then she decided to take a break, so she could just be a kid.

That break apparently didn’t last too long. Willow has returned to the music business as Melodic Chaotic, a collaboration with DJ MVSIC Fabrega and released their newest video, “Summer Fling”, over the weekend.

In the song, Willow not only puts on her best Nicki Minaj fake British accent, but she talks about “hooking up” with a boy for the summer.

“Bright sun and the blue waters, We fight less and love harder.

You tell me that I’m the one,  I tell you it’s just for fun.

We walk the beach at midnight, and watch the stars and the clear skies.

We both say I love you, but it’s alright.”

Well I don’t know about you guys, but when I was 12, I was playing kickball, not talking about summer flings? Has the world changed that much?

Even some of the commenters on the YouTube video had issues with what some may call the sexualization of a child:

“This child is too young for this grown-up stuff. I don’t care how care free the Smiths are with their children. This is just too much. At this age I didn’t even know what a fling was let alone did I want to be around some boy twirling around the woods,” one person wrote.

“I like the song but she look like a confused kid,” said another commentator.

In thinking maybe I’m just being an old, over protective parent, I consulted my resident teenager for his thoughts on the video.

Here’s how the conversation went after I showed my son the video:

Old overprotective mom (that’s me): So….thoughts? observations?

Resident teenager aka The Kid: *crickets*

Old overprotective mom:  Come on, you must have an opinion?

Resident teenager: Isn’t she like 11? Or something? What’s up with that accent? Why do all of those kids look so old? Those aren’t kids! Who wants to hang out with a kid? Why are kids holding hands? But that chick with the underarm tatt…now that’s hot.

Old overprotective mom: Ok, I get it. You  can stop with all of the questions.

See, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s odd for a 12-year-old to sing about summer flings. We all know the Smiths walk to the beat of their own drum, but don’t let my 12, 13 or even 14-year-old come home talking about a summer fling.


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