Amber Rose & Wiz KhalifaLove is permeating the Thomaz household. Amber Rose married rapper Wiz Khalifa – real name Cameron Thomaz – in an intimate ceremony. The Pittsburgh, Penn. MC announced their nuptials through Twitter and his new bride echoed his sentiments in subsequent tweets. A formal wedding is forthcoming, but that didn’t stop the lovebirds from capturing their moment on Instagram and other social networking sites.

Some members of Black Twitter thought the announcement warranted snide remarks about Rose’s past relationships and flings with other prominent figures, including Kanye West and Reggie Bush.

Tweets ranged from “It’s a good year for hoes, @KimKardashian just delivered a child support check and @DaRealAmberRose just married an insurance policy” to the simple hashtag #KanyeHitItFirst.

The former-stripper-turned-rapper’s wife seems to be past the skeletons resting in her bed. But it’s clear the world isn’t prepared to accept that a woman we’ve collectively learned to hate has found genuine, authentic, unconditional love.

Rose has kissed some frogs and developed cultural warts as a result, but the blonde bombshell seems to have nabbed a true prince in Thomaz. The newlyweds welcomed their first son, Sebastian, in February and their mutual love and affection is enviable, if their Instagram photos and Twitter love notes can measure their happiness.

The public’s opinion of Rose has been shaped by the men she’s loved and bedded, despite the strides she’s made toward reviving her image and distancing herself from West and other men in her past. Though she’s famous for fame’s sake and rose to prominence while dating one of the most revered rappers, Rose deserves the spouse who loves her unconditionally. We all deserve that.

As Ebony.com’s news and lifestyle editor Jamilah Lemieux points out, most of the folks tossing rocks at Rose reside in glass houses full of nights they’d rather forget. She writes:

It is the women who have consistently come down the hardest on the Amber Roses of the world. I can’t believe how many ladies were straight up horrified by the recent engagement news. I really didn’t realize that we expected rappers to look for partners who live up to the Puritan values of womanhood: purity, piety, domesticity and submission. I really didn’t think that we’d look at Wiz Khalifa and say “this is a brother who needs to be with a young Coretta Scott King”. I really didn’t want to think that my sisters were so hung up on this notion of virgins and whores and no in-betweens that we’d look past the fact that these two folks seem to really freaking ​love​ each other and choose to get hung up over Amber’s past employment instead of saying “Look, a happy Black woman. That’s what’s up.”

The real getcha getcha is that the shade is not always thrown from women who’ve kept their feet planted on the ground, legs crossed and bras hooked. No ma’am. There are glass houses with some serious stone damage around this Amber Rose situation. Just because you never danced on a stripper pole does not make you Betty Shabazz. Many of us non-strippers could tell some stories that would make our mothers blush…and remember that they, too, have managed to amass some stories while on this planet. And just because you ​did​ dance on a stripper pole (or a rapper’s lap) doesn’t mean you are now disqualified for the Love Olympics and you should be forced to walk alone, in shame, for the rest of your days.

The shaming of Amber Rose for dating and falling in love and marrying when her past isn’t so stellar is simply a reflection of the lives many women lead. There is an attachment of marriageability with virtue that is not only impossible to attain, but also keeps women from expressing themselves sexually. Rose manages to exist outside of those boundaries, and women hate her for it.

But she’s found love in a culture that claims former exotic-dancers aren’t worthy. She’s stumbled on a man who accepts her past, even as we attempt to confine her to the seediness of Philadelphia strip clubs. Rose no longer claps her cakes for change and has moved past her ex-flame. Even the women we love to hate deserve what Rose has gotten. Love.

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  • Congrats, Amber, on you and Wiz’s nuptials. Now, about that college degree…

  • I know! Women are acting as if Wiz marrying Amber takes them out of “the game”… as if they were IN the game in the first place. Stop being jealous of someone else’s relationship and get your own!

  • Why are people making such a big deal about Amber’s ethnicity, going off on tangents from the article? Did anyone bet large sums of money or something?! While people with no time on their hands debate her ethnicity, she’s living it up in a mansion with money, and she’s not going to share. Move ON!

  • aDORKable

    I really don’t get how people can hate someone they’ve never met or know personally. To me, that is one of the most childish and immature things anyone can do. Why bash someone that I don’t know, much less have met because of their supposed past? If you want to throw a stone make sure you can’t have a bigger one chucked at you. It bothers me that some people expect certain things from celebrities as if they have a say in their lives and future; that their very opinions will change a celebrity’s mind and make them do what they want. Who am I to judge Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian? I don’t know what went on behind the cameras or closed doors and it’s not my business and why should it be. I didn’t watch the Kardashian sex tape, because I didn’t care. I could care less that Amber Rose used to be a stripper. A stripper is not the best job in the world, but if you choose that job to pay your bills, keep yourself and your family fed and a roof over your head, who am I to judge? I don’t judge people unless they give me a reason to. I could care less what one has done or did as long as it doesn’t endanger my life and those that I care about. We all have done things we are not proud of so who are we to judge someone else who does as well and has accepted what they’ve done and have moved on. I think a lot of it stems from jealousy and some people’s needs to bring people down so they can feel better about themselves and their situations..