Andre Leon Talley, former editor-at-large at Vogue Magazine and current editor-at-large for Numero Russia, knows a thing or two about the magazine industry. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, he spoke about racism behind-the-scenes in publishing and how it affects him personally:

He does wonder why he has never been the editor of a major magazine. “People stereotype you,” he says. “What person of color do you know who’s in a position like that, be it a man or a woman, unless it’s Essence magazine?”

Andre’s words ring painfully true. A black person was named editor-in-chief of a Conde Nast publication (Keija Minor of Brides) for the first time last year.

The minds behind mainstream magazines seem to believe that blacks aren’t fit for the top job though there are many who meet and exceed qualifications.

Andre also spoke about his love life, weight and relationship with Anna Wintour:

On dating:

“I’ve had very gay experiences, yes, I swear on my grandmother’s grave that I never slept with a single designer in my life. Never, ever desired, never was asked, never was approached, never, ever bought, in my entire career. Never. Not one. Skinny or fat. Never.”

On his weight:

“I do not weigh myself. I do not want to get on that scale. I only know what I weigh from the way my clothes fit. The people who are really close to me and know me have stopped bringing my weight up. They probably discuss it behind my back, some of them, in the fashion world. I have never felt less of a person because of my dramatic weight gain. Up or down, my confidence and sense of self never wavered.”

On Anna Wintour:

“I wouldn’t have stayed at Vogue as long as I did without Anna being there. She was my biggest ally. There could not have been another way.”

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