Looks like we might have found something new for Aaliyah-obsessed rapper Drake to fret about!

That’s right. Beyoncé’s little sister and alternative soul artist Solange might be playing the dearly departed, iconic singer/actress in an upcoming film according to

There is a crazy rumor that the chick Solange has landed the role to play Aaliyah an upcoming biopic. Now, the rumor is Solange went out for the role earlier in the month and ended up getting it this week. She reportedly will be working with the same people that did the movie “Think Like A Man.”

Right now it’s just a rumor, but if anyone’s life is bio-pic worthy, it’s Aaliyah’s. Hit records. Gorgeous looks. Illicit romances. Drama, drama, drama and all that style and talent. But is Solange up for the task? Solange doesn’t have a long acting resume (we think she was in one of those sequels to cheerleading flick “Bring It On” but that might be a fever dream). But that doesn’t necessarily mean the eclectic singer doesn’t have the chops. What do you think?

Could Solange bring it as Aaliyah? Should Aaliyah’s life be brought to the big screen and if so, would you watch?

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  • LMO85

    *Sigh*. I agree with just about everyone on this post. No, no and HELLLS NO. I am not sure Rashad or Ms. Diane will ever approve of anyone doing this film, or putting her story out there because she was too private of an individual. But like others have stated, at least let it be someone we don’t know AT ALL who has the looks, acting, singing and dancing talent. I am still side-eyeing the TLC biopic but at least the remaining members approve of it… it remains to be seen how it will come out. Too bad they couldn’t do a documentary style like EMS said–> This is It or the Tupac one.

  • Child, Please

    I’m feeling Solange as Solange and Aaliyah as always and forever as Aaliyah, but I’d like to see a biopic on the latter’s life by a proven (or upcoming) acting talent.

  • Co.

    I maybe alone in this, but I think she can do it. It’s unexpected and thats what acting is! It’s not like the whole Nina Simone thing. Solange has a unique style and we love her for that, but it doesn’t mean she can’t portray something else. She appears to have a good and sweet soul, and so did Aaliyah! If she does actually have the part, Good luck and I wish the best.

  • RenJennM

    I love Aaliyah. She was an inspiration to me growing up because she was cool, talented, authentic, beautiful, stylish, and smart (she was a 4.0 graduate). I was 12 when she died, and since she was my favorite artist at the time, it broke my young heart.

    With all that said, as a fan, I’m a bit protective of Aaliyah. I think all of her fans are. And people who truly loved and knew her (like her family, her friends, Missy & Timb, DMX, etc) are even more protective of her. So, I don’t know if I’m (or they’re) ready for a biopic just yet, even though it’s been almost twelve years now. But If they were to do one, I really can’t see Solange portraying Aaliyah. Don’t get me wrong: I adore Solange. But as Aaliyah? No. NO. NO! I would really have to see Solange in action, fully costumed, before I could even consider it. She does not resemble Aaliyah very much and isn’t naturally a dancer. Plus, I have no idea if she can act or has done her research on Aaliyah.

    Some other commenters mentioned Keisha Chante. I was a fan of Keisha Chante when she released her first song in the U.S. I liked her and thought she’d blow up, but unfortunately she came out the same time as Keyshia Cole, and I guess there just wasn’t room for two ‘Keishas/Keyshias’ back then. Anyway… I used to think she resembled Aaliyah when she was younger, but now that she’s gotten a little older, her features aren’t as similar to Aaliyah’s anymore. But she can well and has a great vibe. Someone else mentioned Zakiya Roberts. Zakiya does resemble Aaliyah a bit, but she looks a little more like Jada Pinkett to me. I do like her demeanor though, and she may be able to portray Aaliyah authentically if she trains and does her research.

    Someone also mentioned Lisa Tucker, and I went… EUREKA! Lisa can sing: her tone is even similar to Aaliyah’s. And she favors her. She probably doesn’t even really need to train much; she could just be her natural self and do well. Of course, she’ll need to do a lot of research, but I think she could nail it. At the end of the day… whether it’s Keisha, Zakiya, Lisa, or an unknown, Solange is not right to play Aaliyah. And Ciara isn’t either, so stop mentioning her.

  • Melmelmel

    Let the woman rest in peace. I was 16 when she passed, and it hurt. Yet i never saw the need for a film. Let her rest.
    I fear that the writing and acting will be lack luster. The rumors of a film over the past few years have been all over the place. I honestly just dont get why there MUST be a film.