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Vh1 dropped the first teaser trailer for the new season 5 of Basketball Bullies Wives, original flavor. But since everyone knows Black America’s favorite ratchet soap opera is Vh1’s other hit show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, (aka “As the Hood Turns”), does the old, boring, drink-throwing antics of Shaunie O’Neal’s gang still have the same appeal?

This season L&HHA actually featured love quadrangles, pregnancy, cheating, a broken engagement, an insane amount of weave, crazy mother-in-laws, a motorbike run over and set on fire, dysfunctional hot pockets, sexual shenanigans, “popcorn hoes,” Joseline Hernandez look-a-likes, really horrible music by Benzino, lots of accusations of men being gay, fights, a cast member going to rehab for weed, a boob job and too many rings and wedding proposals to count. (Life Partner Gang!) Not to mention L&HHA has the best written, staged and edited shots in all of reality television. I can’t see five really snippy women in Louboutins with loose ties to the NBA topping that unless Mona Scott Young pushes Shaunie out the way and does her trashy magic.

Especially when the last season of Basketball Wives Miami was so, so terrible.

Last season was full of bullying, fighting, jumping on tables and the seething dislike nearly all the women seemed to have for each other. Shaunie is “promising,” yet again, a more positive spin this season even though all the non-bullies from season four were fired, and the original Mean Girls core remained.  This latest teaser focuses on Evelyn Lozada’s unfortunate nuptials then divorce from former footballer Chad Johnson after he physically assaulted her less than a month into the marriage. It then features Suzie chuckling at a domestic violence joke made at Evelyn’s expense, so yeeeeah. Positive. Making fun of a battered woman is much more positive than that time Tami Roman screamed at fired season 4 cast member Kesha Nichols for breathing the same air as her.

Check out the teaser below.

So, let’s be real. Who’s actually going to watch this thing and who is done, done, done?

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  • Not sure what happened to my comment, but Kenya Bell is not pictured, so I guess she got the boot too. I think she was the target of Evelyns’ wine bottle throwing antics!

  • I’ll watch the premiere but I’m not excited for it. I want another season of LHHATL lol Last season definitely turned me off specifically that fiasco with Tami and Kesha. When Tami took her phone and proceed to blame her was so disgusting. When that happened I wasn’t 23 and I never witnessed a case of bullying like that during my college experience. Tami has to be twice my age. Just…ugh. I don’t care if she’s trying to “clean” her image.

    Not seeing the return of the other girls (besides kenya) does speak volumes. This may be it for Basketball Wives in my opinion.

  • Birds Wish these Birds would fly away somewhere or get stuck in an engine of an airplane…sorry..didn’t mean to sound like an angry bird too…lol.

  • Ash

    This show sucks. Shaunie O’Neal likes to pretend she’s above the fray but she’s not fooling anyone. and Why is Suzie still on the show and Royce isn’t?!

    • The RealKay

      I know right?! This is why I support T.I.’s reality show and La La’s Full court life. I like watching shows about family, friends and issues other than gossip and back biting.

  • No, I wish this show finally gets axed!