Passing the bar is no easy feat no matter your age, which makes Gabrielle Turnquest’s accomplishment even more admirable. She passed the bar at just eighteen years of age.

The Windermere, Florida native, who studied at the University of Law in the UK, has the distinction of being the youngest person to be called to the Bar of England and Wales in its 600-year existence.

Gabrielle, who received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virgina, at only 16 years-old, plans to pursue a career in fashion law and continue her studies in apparel industry management. She also looks forward to practicing law in the Bahamas, where her parents are from.

Her family has a habit of scholastic excellence: her sister, Kandi also passed the bar exam at just 22 years-old (the average age of lawyers taking the Bar Professional Training Course is 27).

Gabrielle had this to say about her achievement: “I am honored to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but, really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was. I didn’t fully realize the impact of it.”

Gabrielle and family should be proud of her extraordinary accomplishment. Congratulations!


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