#blackpowerisforblackmen screenshotHot off the heels of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, a fast-trending and attention-grabbing collection of tweets started by Mikka Kendall that highlighted the lack of regard for black women in mainstream feminist circles, there came #blackpowerisforblackmen.

EBONY.com’s News and Lifestyle Editor and former Clutch Daily Editor Jamilah Lemieux extended the criticism to black men.

“Black women have to explain our humanity to Black men and White women far too often. I’m tired,” Lemieux tweeted on Monday.

Sometime Tuesday, #blackpowerisforblackmen, a powerful, digital lesson on black male privilege and how it affects the lives of black women, was born.

Tweets came at break-neck speed, from established feminist writers and casual Tweeters alike, sprouting lived experiences and cultural observances that varied in topic from street harassment to Beyoncé.

Some of the most illustrative tweets:

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