oprah-afro-o-magazineWhen you need to create a 3.5-pound afro for Oprah, it’s best to call in reinforcements. Enter celebrity hairstyle Kim Kimble.

The hair guru who whips Beyoncé, Shakira and Brandy’s locks into shape collaborated with Lady O’s hair guy Andre to top O magazine with an extra-large afro. “I saw Andre, Oprah’s hair stylist, on the set of The Voice, when I was working with Shakira. He said, ‘I need a really big Afro wig.’ I said, ‘I have just the thing for you,’” the L.A. Hair star told the Chicago Sun-Times. “When Oprah revealed the cover, I woke up with Twitter blowing up.”

The September “Let’s Talk About Hair” issue of O Magazine, which hit newsstands on Tuesday, features the outrageous ‘do said to equal the weight of a Chihuahua. “There are seven bags of hair in that wig,” Kimble says.

She later added her thoughts on black women and hair. “I say, whatever makes you feel good and creates your confidence, do it,” the third-generation stylist said. “If you prefer natural, go for it. If you like long weaves, I’m not mad at that either. It’s only hair. At the end of the day, it’s an extension of your style, your image. So whatever makes you feel good, rock it.”

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  • The Comment

    Bucky AKA Shay from Love and hip Hop ATL also uses 7 bags of hair for each episode too.

  • he-larry-us

  • when I used to do a crochet, I used 10 bags of microbraided hair. that stuff would almost break my neck when it got wet in the ocean I love Oprah’s fro, like the good ol day with Afro sheen.

  • pearlsrevealed

    On a page towards the back of that issue, Oprah has a pic with the caption ” my natural hair before Andre gets his hands on it”. It does not look like the hair on the cover. Obviously it was a wig. Geez.

    • Nic

      People never like to hear that. i think it somehow dashes their hopes of having hair to the floor.
      A lot of people will fight you when you try to claim that the women who wear large natural wigs (Solange, Oprah, Erykah Badu, etc) are using extra hair. Not sure why people take it so personally but it’s pretty obvious when people’s hair is constantly changing length, thickness, and texture.
      The only thing that was surprising to me is that it was an actual wig and not just photoshop.