Gang violence is an epidemic across the globe, but a fraternity and sorority at Dartmouth University thinks gangs are a laughing matter. The Alpha Delta fraternity and Delta Delta Delta sorority at the New Hampshire Ivy League school co-hosted a “Bloods and Crips”-themed party on July 26th.

The Greek organizations encouraged guests to dress up as either a Blood or a Crip, and racialized language and speech was reportedly used. Alpha Delta, Tri-Delta and the university received major backlash from the party.

The Huffington Post reports: “A Dartmouth alum wrote on a message thread in the private group for the Afro-American Society, “We do not know if a hateful or offensive slur was said. However, it does not matter. The whole party was a offensive slur [sic].”

Both organizations have since apologized. Alpha Delta told The Dartblog:

Alpha Delta hosted a “Bloods and Crips Party” on the night of Friday, July 26th. The idea was never meant to be derogatory to any group, and was intended to introduce a costume theme to the party. While there was never any ill intent in the party’s theme, the brothers of Alpha Delta now realize that it was insensitive and thoughtless to make light of a very serious issue that affects many people nationwide, particularly young people. Gang violence is obviously an incredibly serious problem across America, and while we as a house failed to preemptively recognize the offensive nature of the party’s theme, the gravity of our oversight is now apparent to us.

Tri-Delta issued a statement to The Huffington Post, saying:

We would like to extend our sincerest apology to the Dartmouth community and all those offended by the inappropriately themed recent event in which some of our members participated. We will be working with the college and Tri Delta Executive Office in order to continue to educate our members regarding cultural sensitivity and awareness.


This trend of offensive parties and subsequent half-hearted apologies is getting old quickly. Let’s hope Dartmouth University holds these students accountable for their offensive and irresponsible mockery of gang violence.

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  • DEE

    “-intended to introduce a costume theme to the party.”

    Literally no thought went into this at all do you know how many themes could have been chosen? Decades theme, superhero theme, nerd theme, dress to impress, futuristic, there are seriously thousands to choose from.

    Truth is though many college fraternities and sororities host “ghetto” parties calling each other nigga and rapping lil wayne verses all night it’s ridiculous. What hurts the most though is that black people are not only invited but show up and indulge in this mess.

  • Marisa

    There punishment should be dropped off in the middle of a Bloods and Crips turfwar confrontation, and these dummies should be dressed like they were at that party. Now we’ll see if its funny to them then, they damn well knew what they were doing just like Paula, Riley and Russell they didn’t expect folks to notice. Just another lets be racist in secret yall and damn how did that get out moment.

  • lauryn

    Idiots. In what universe are bloods and crips socializing together?!

    They need a reality check– how about some invite some real bloods and crips to one of their parties. Let me know how that plays out…

  • Patricia

    The whites trip me out. They always think they can do and say anything that degrades blacks and later “we apologize and claim they didn’t mean it.” They knew exactly what they were doing when they did it out of spite. All of these whites who degrades black and black who degrade each other, the wheels of justice grind slow and it grinds fine, they will reap what they sow. It may takes years, but they all will get their payback. The think is they don’t know when or how they will get their payback.