Ever charismatic and witty (sarcasm) radio host with the most (vitriol) Rush Limbaugh has grabbed the mic once again to only assail the very people least likely to tune into his daily Hatecast (It’s like a forecast, but of hate) … black people.

It is YOUR fault, black folks. Yet again. For the everything.

This time? Detroit’s bankruptcy!

According to Think Progress, this is what Rush had to say:

“You’ve had that — that town has been a petri dish of everything the Democrat Party stands for, everything the Democrat Party loves — massive unions, massive pensions, pay people pensions and health care long after they’ve stopped working,” he said, before arguing that the city’s first black mayor exacerbated the city’s spending and sparked racial riots that chased white people into the suburbs:

LIMBAUGH: You have massive welfare states where citizens are given things left and right in order to buy their votes. You have no opposition whatsoever.

And in the case of the — you throw race into the mix and you bring on Mayor Coleman Young who causes riots in 1967 in Detroit and Mayor Young caused a white flight to suburbia, and Detroit is left with nothing but liberal Democrats running it. It is what it is. And you — any place in this country that has similar circumstances, the same fate is going to happen to them.


As Think Progress is happy to point out, Coleman Young didn’t come into office until six years AFTER the riot and Detroit is suffering from the same issues most Rust Belt cities are which is the long-term decline of the American auto industry in a rough economy, helped along by dysfunctional local governments. Namely, things that have very little to do with black people and more to do with America in general in this new forever recession economy where manufacturing jobs happen somewhere else not in America.

But why would Rush let some facts get in the way of his good (race-baiting) time?

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