for-brown-girls-dark-skin-red-lip-project-coco-and-cremeBright and bold colors have touched the lips of many a-woman, but some dark-skinned women lack the confidence to paint their pouts red. Months ago, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky rattled off the ridiculous notion red lips aren’t for dark girls, shedding more light on the growing problem.

And unfortunately he’s not alone in the thought.

Thankfully, For Brown Girls founder Karyn Washington has stepped up to wage a war against the stigma dark girls face when they wear red lipstick.

Armed with over 200 photos of darker skinned black women rocking several different red pouts, the #DarkSkinRedLip Project, an ongoing online campaign that seeks to break barriers and build confidence, has gained 1,000+ supporters of the cause.

In an effort to better understand the feelings, attitudes toward this beauty issue, FGB asks dark girls to send one clear photo of themselves wearing red lipstick to [email protected], including your name, state and brand/name of lipstick.

If you simply want to spread the word, send out the hashtag #DarkSkinRedLip across your social networks to encourage women of a darker hue to be confident in who they are and what they like.

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  • Please stop listening to these jackasses

  • VeraDoloresJacques

    I love this website(or blog). I recently cancelled my 20+year subscription after the firing of the Editor-in-chief Constance C.R.White. This is definately a great site for Black women.

  • This is a total First World Problem and I don’t know why people care so much about this. Personally, I rarely like red lips on anyone, it’s so unnatural, it gets all over the teeth, it bleeds into the skin, and it gets on everything. I don’t think it looks better than natural colours. At least with natural colours when they wear off it’s not as noticable. No one has to wear bright or red lips and red doesn’t look good on everyone. It’s too in your face and showy almost clownish. Reddish brown maybe, but bright orangy red…yuck! People don’t need to wear everything just because it exists or to prove how bold they are.

    Most men don’t even like red lips or bold make-up so women are basically wearing it to impress other women or do what fashion magazines, designers, and cosmetic companies want (entities that rarely pay attention to Black women mind you). I’m definitely not a fan of bold makeup that looks like you are caked in makeup and is totally unnatural compared to your normal lip colour.

    • CanV

      You are totally missing the point. It may be a “first world problem” but in our society helping a brown skin girl feel good about herself is ALWAYS a worthy endeavor. It raises confidence which in turn helps girls and women to make positive decisions in their life. That is something we should all be striving for.

    • Phillygurl

      I’ve never in myy life heard of so many men worrying about women hair and makeup choices. This new generation of black men are some metrosexual mofos with nothing better to worry about. balck women have been wearing makeup and red lips since the 1920’s. The wigs and falls of the 60’s, false eyelashes aren’t a new creation. The only people whos spend more time in the mirror and mani/ pedi chair than black women are black men. They need to stay in. their lane and pull thei. pantsup on their behinds.

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