Janelle Monae is a force in the music and beauty industry, heralded for forging a path that’s refreshingly unique. On the eve of the release of her second album, “Electric Lady,” Monae is gracing the cover of magazines like Essence and Vibe and opening up about her inspiring take on artistry, womanhood and style. For her latest cover story with Vibe Vixen, she is even more revealing than usual, discussing her love life and plans on becoming a mother one day.

An excerpt:

On whether she’d release an all-rap mixtape:

“I’m flattered that people wonder that,” she says, smiling. “I love rap music, and I love hip-hop. I use rap as a way to communicate [and tell a story]. Yes, I will keep that in my thoughts.”

On changing her look for the “Dance Apocalyptic” video:

“I was inspired to create a female rock star. I think an electric lady isn’t to be marginalized. As the narrator and creator of these characters, I have lived by not making myself a slave to my own interpretations of who I am or a slave to your interpretations or anybody’s interpretations of who I am.”

On what she looks for in a lover:

““An android is my preference,” Janelle says coyly. “Two androids and a cyborg. I’m someone who sees your spirit and soul. I love passionate androids; one that knows exactly what it’s going to do in life. I like an android who knows how to handle and support an electric lady’s dreams and wings when it’s time to fly.”

 On when she’ll have children:

After a quick pause, she replies. “When the time is right, everything is about timing. But, right now I’m giving birth to this album.”

On how the concept for “Q.U.E.E.N.” developed:

“‘Q.U.E.E.N’ really developed from a deep conversation Erykah and I were having about a woman’s place in the world. And how we were expected to be freaks and muses and virgin goddesses all at the same time by patriarchal cultures and religions.”

Read the full story and see pictures here.

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  • Love her personality and her honesty. Flawless beauty!

  • Nadell

    “‘Q.U.E.E.N’ really developed from a deep conversation Erykah and I were having about a woman’s place in the world. And how we were expected to be freaks and muses and virgin goddesses all at the same time by patriarchal cultures and religions.”
    In essence, according to ‘society’, we are to be fantasy, non-fiction, fictional, realistic, inauthentic, natural, fabricated non-male fetish beings simultaneously….

    • Treece

      YES!! Amen and amen

    • Yes, I love that quote too. And not to take anything away from JM, I like Janelle. But it also made me think of something to similar to what Nikki Minaj (and many other women, including myself) have said for years…

      Sometimes the messenger changes, but the message is the same. In the words of Karyn White, “I’m not your superwoman” (Ok, the message is a little different there but I still love this song)

  • loving her new hair look. i like how she’s revamping herself.

  • Marketing Gimmicks

    I’m not crazy about Janelle’s sound but her hair is dope. I know she’s passing for originality but the songs I’ve heard from her catalog thus far are pretty mediocre. Janelle is a true beauty but imma need more than “natural hair politics”when it comes to my music. #sorrynotsorry

    Solange has that same curse.

    Just being honest.

    • DasaniFRESH

      I completely agree!

      Solange, to me, seems to have a more authentic personality. We know she’s made it out of Beyonce’s shadow by daring to be different—almost the antithesis of Beyonce by sporting natural hair instead of weaves. Her music is also very pop-electronica influenced, with subtle R-n-B undertones… She also had a child early on so I think she’s extremely aware of the messages and images she puts out in music and her personal life. I think its part of raising her son to be culturally sound.

      Janelle Monae, on the other hand, went to school for acting and sometimes, it appears the things she says and does is for an act/entertainment purposes. Prime example is when asked what does she look for in a lover; she gave some bland remark that gave us no introspection into her personal life or personality. I can’t relate to her, and I think her lack of relate-ability doesn’t translate well into her record sales. She’s beautiful, no doubt, but I think she’s trying so hard to be unique that she’s alienated a few fans from being able to identify with her…

      I’m sorry, we’re not archandroids, or barbies, or rosebuds, or baddies, or the navy, we’re humans, we regular people. When celebs and musicians start getting back to that concept, I can get behind their artistry.

    • Memi

      To be clear, Solange is VERY MUCH a sporter of weaves and wigs, they are just afro textured weveas and wigs. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Solange is the antithesis of Beyonce; both leverage their looks, sexuality, and controlled, contrived images for benefit. They don’t really seem to be “organically” the images they project although Solange has been getting closer with experimenting with different styles and images of herself of late. QUEEN was so mediocre and Erykah’s 3 lines on the song should hardly qualify as a collaboration. As far as her love life, why do you need to know? This is what she does for a living, her personal life can be kept personal.

    • JN

      Yeah, I agree with you both. I feel like she says that cyborg/android stuff just to deflect people from focusing on her personal life.

    • Me27

      why wasn’t this comment rejected?

    • Hi Me27 – we can’t catch every comment. It’s only 1-2 people manning the site daily. If you see comments that should be removed please email us. We have so many comments on threads – it’s no way possible for us to catch everything.


  • GeekMommaRants

    Agreed, to a point but I thought that was the point of not talking about looks or personal anything. Today’s everything is shallow, visually overwrought and sensation for the sake of nothing. I for one appreciate showmanship, thoughtful music with a message. Why is this not enough?