jay picasso baby clipBut is it art? That’s the age old question about these sort of things. Here’s Jay-Z, art and Beyonce lover, rapping for his “performance art movie” called “Picasso Baby.” It features the titular Jay in a white room in an art gallery rapping while various people perform and interact with him.

Cultural critic Rich Juzwiak at Gawker had this to say:

I’m not sure that it amounts to much beyond beyond a really fun music video, though, and it very much wants to amount to something (or at least, it wants to trick you into believing that it amounts to something — let’s not forget that this is fundamentally a commercial for a product). Jay opens the clip pondering the similarities between performance art and concert performance. He muses on the way that art galleries have separated art from mass culture, that people into hip-hop aren’t into fine art because they consider it “too bourgeois.”

So what’s the verdict? Are we feeling the 10 minute film or not?

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  • Mr. Man

    As a music video I thought it was refreshing different and really cool especially for a rap video. I really wish other artist thought outside of the box when it comes to music videos it’s quite enjoyable when they do. Personally, no I don’t consider this piece art. I would have loved to see Mos def (yasin whatever) or Common do this instead.

  • I’m super late and I’m extremely off subject but Taraji’s outfit was CUTE and that natural chick’s hair is EVERYTHANG!!!!! First time seeing this. K, that’s all I wanted to say. lol.

  • unheardof

    yes yes yes, i thought i was the only one because when i saw it i noticed that when he said the word prostitute, the image of a black woman is on the screen at the same time and then the two lil white boys and he gave his chain to one of them…i’m like dude, do you not get it. then i’m telling my homeboy and he’s just listening like, oh boy here goes super black brother always talkin bout revolution and fight the power. i’m so so so very glad that someone else recognized and said something about it.

    aint no love for lil black boys no more huh…guess not when they can be killed so easily and without raising much of an eyebrow from the community anymore.
    so many people like J-Z(too lazy to write his full name plus fidduck him) and i don’t know why but whatever. thank you again.