Kevin Hart isn’t pleased when it comes to black women being all up in his business and assuming they know his life.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume there are a couple of black women reading right now.  Do any of you care about Hart’s life?


During a recent event in East Hampton, Madame Noire caught up with the pint-sized comic and he had this to say about black women, because you know, we’re all the same:

“Black women assume they know your life, that’s the funniest thing about black women. Here’s where people mess up. They mess up caring about what people think. At the end of the day, your life is your life. You could be walking and fall in the grass and people would say he fell ‘cuz he was on that stuff. He was on them drugs. People make opinions. If you choose to feed into those opinions, your life will be miserable.

Technically, I doubt people were all up in his personal life business until after he dropped his wife and picked up a new piece of arm candy coincidentally during the same time he was legally married.  I mean when you give people something to talk about, guess what? They’re going to talk about it.

And just because I wrote this, doesn’t mean I’m all up in his business either. So there.


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  • Aisha Lucas

    I like Kevin Hart as a comedian I think he’s talented. I’m confused though you’re a celeb ppl of all races are going to judge u and talk bs abt u, u basically signed up for this. How can you point the blame at 1 race of women though? U don’t know what race is going in on u on the blogs. Tbh alot of ppl both men and women took 1 look at his gf and 1 look at him and said “Oh she wouldn’t date him if he was broke.” Which is being judgemental b/c ppl don’t know the dynamics of their . Women in general side eyed him b/c he was supposedly still married while dating his current gf. Yet he felt the need to come foward and point the finger at blk women snd also make the cartoon abt blk women suggesting blk women ate angry. If blk ppl talk so much bs abt him, why are they his biggest ticket consumers and support him? Get over it ur famous so guess what all ur life is on display and out for judgement. Everyone gets talked abt instead of it being in the neighborhood or in the work office his is a national thong. Not saying is right but hell is life. I’m blk and idc who he dates it isn’t my life lol. But I think its funny how he just automatically knows its blk women hating on him and his girl and taking abt them. Funny thing is so many men go in on him talking abt that girl is only with him for his money she’s model material. Ijs this is what I see on blogs. But wait kets go clean in on the black women lol. Kevin is a dummy for that but I still like him as a comedian.

  • Aisha Lucas

    Btw I forgot to mention that ppl in general fancy their their lifestyle. Do yall think most of them really give a dam what we “common folks” think of them, their choices or their life? They’re still laughing all the way to the bank. These ppl he also speak badly of made him rich and famous by purchasing tickets to his shows and spring him in his career. A big margin of his fans are blk women and men. He made that cartoon abt blk women not wanting a peeper blk men then when he gets a white woman they hate. But wait isn’t tht judging blk women as he claimed that blk women judged him and his relationship? What I say is simply don’t spend money on individuals that berate u. They complain abt being judged and their life being on display. When u decided to become a famous singer rapper actor comedian etc u basically signed up for that. They aren’t complaining getting those millions. Every career has a down side to it