Never one to hold her tongue, Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to lament how her BET show “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First” never became a payday for the R&B singer.

The show premiered on BET in the fall of 2012. When asked if there would be a season two, this is how Cole responded on Twitter:

Madame Noire references an Essence article from 2012 where Cole stated that she and Daniels put up $150,000 of their own money to fund the show and shop it around.

“We put up about $150,000 of our own money and shot it ourselves,” she told Kelley L. Carter. “I felt like the last show ended on a bad note and I feel like where Frankie and Neffe took their reality show was totally not what I wanted. It was so horrible. It broke a lot of things up in the family. So my husband and I decided to do our own show. We’re hoping to show our empire in a positive light,” she continued.

So will there or will there won’t be a season two? *Shakes Magic 8 Ball* If Cole is directly dissing the network that gives her songs the most airplay, we’re going to go with all signs point to no.

Did you watch Keyshia & Daniel when it was on the air? Was Keyshia Cole right to put BET’s business on blast?

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