I guess you shouldn’t expect any other type of comment from the man behind  Precious and The Butler.

During an appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in Orlando, Florida, Lee Daniels said that it is possible for White people to “really love” Black people and still call them “n*ggas,”. His comments were made after he was explaining his use of the “n” word in The Butler:

“For me, it was very strategic,” Daniels told a group of reporters at NABJ. “When we did use it, it was used later on by Cuba [Gooding Jr., as the head butler] making fun of someone that did use it, Lyndon Johnson. It was sort of the joke that this guy uses it. So when he says it and talks about, it opens up —  like Paula Deen — the concept of white people loving us and really loving us and feeling that it’s fine to use the word nigga. That’s how Johnson felt. He did something that was incredible for us. That’s trying to be taken away from us right now. And yet, he used that word just like ‘pass the grits.’ Racism is a very hard thing to explain, especially in the South.”

Sorry, but no, Lee Daniels.  Racism isn’t that hard to explain. Especially in the south.

What do you think about Lee Daniels’ comments?

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  • donnadara

    Off topic, but this guy showed up on the movie set every day in pajamas. I think that some of his views are problematic. I still refuse to see Monster’s Ball.

  • smiley

    He’s a funny guy.

  • Christopher J. Willis

    I hate to say it, but I’m biracial and I’ve experienced this. I used to live next to a couple who were involved in a biker gang. They said nigger all the time. But they also had me at their dinner table and let me babysit their 3 yr old son, and we partied together all the time. They didn’t hate black people. They were just raised in a place where nigger was a normal word. This happens literally all the time. Just because someone says nigger doesn’t mean they’re racist. Tupac even said this about white supremacists he’d met in prison, that he didn’t believe they all really hated black people, and he had a point. I’d rather deal with the white guy who says nigger and invites me to dinner, than deal with the white guy who says African American and thinks its ok to shoot me for wearing a hoodie and walking down his street.