Maine Governor Paul Lepage may fancy himself the Republican version of Kanye West. During a party fundraiser with a group of Republicans on August 12th, he reportedly said that President Barack Obama “hates white people,” echoing Kanye’s famous statement that “George Bush doesn’t like black people.”

While many agreed with Kanye’s statement, a couple state GOP lawmakers found Lepage’s comment inappropriate. One Republican lawmaker confirmed that Lepage said it to the Press Herald, adding: “It was one little thing from a speech, but I think most people there thought it was totally inappropriate.”

Lepage has been vocal about his dislike of President Obama, saying in 2010 that he wouldn’t be afraid to tell Obama to “go to hell.” He also said in 2011 that the NAACP could kiss his butt. And in reference to the Press Herald, the media outlet that first reported his remark that Obama “hates white people,” Lepage has said he wants to find the office and “blow it up.”

Someone has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth.


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