Mary Gowans is facing misdemeanor child abuse charges after she allegedly instructed her 12-year-old son to “beat the gay away” from his older brother, 15. Police were summoned to Gowans’ home on Aug. 24. When they arrived, there were “several people yelling and screaming,” according to a police report cited in the report. Gowans allegedly had the 15-year-old son strip down to his underwear and instructed the 13-year-old brother to beat him with a belt. The 15-year-old told authorities that he wasn’t allowed to fight back while the 12-year-old hit him.

Gowans has denied all of the charges, but does admit to beating her son in an effort to stop him from visiting a gay man’s house, who she heard had molested him. She claims she was just trying to protect her son and the older son hit the younger so she had the 12-year-old hit him back.  Gowans also told reporters that she does believe her son is “gay in some way”, and has been trying to contact authorities about the alleged sexual abuse.


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  • JN

    OH man. What a horrible upbringing.

  • GeekMommaRants

    This woman is saying two different things. First she says her son was molested, then she contends her oldest is gay. These are two different things. Either the oldest son was molested, or he is gay. Both situations are not possible as one would require consent the other would not.

    • DEE

      Well she says the 15 year old boy was visiting a gay man so he would not be able to legally give consent.

      Either way this was not the best way to handle the situation.

  • Chelle

    Ok, my comments never seem to appear these days. BUT. If this child has in fact been molested, the mother has damaged him even more by having him beat by his younger brother. This is terrible for a child to endure. And hell, if he is gay, so what? Love that child like a mother and get over it. People can be ignorant but when suicide happens, a mf wants to act like they didn’t see it coming.

  • justanotheropinion

    Just goes to show that some folks should never be parents. I wish it was as difficult to be a parent as it was to get a drivers license. This ‘mother’ should be GONE.

  • L

    If my son continues to visit a man I think molested him after being told to stay away. I’d kick his ass too. Deal with it.