Nas raises money for single dad

Legendary rapper Nas is known for dropping hot lines and making classic songs. But the popular artist is also famous for his conscious lyrics and outspoken politics. Recently, after seeing a news report about Stanley Young, a Washington D.C. single father who lost his home in a fire, Nas added a new title to his already crowded list: fund raiser.

On HelpStanleyYoung.com, Nas says he “could barely watch [Young’s] tragic story on the news,” so he knew he needed to get involved. The rapper turned to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the crowd-funding site CrowdTilt to raise $50,000 to help the Young family find a new home.

Young, a single father of eight, has been living in a D.C.-area hotel ever since the home he shared with his children burned down last month. With just days left before they must vacate temporary housing, Young is trying to find a permanent home for his family.

This tragedy is just another blow to unemployed dad and his children who lost their mother last year.

After seeing Mr. Young’s raw emotion and love for his children, Nas knew he needed to step in.

Nas wrote a note to the Young family explaining why he wanted to lend a hand:

I am also a single father, and we don’t get enough credit in this country….I believe and hope that we should all, as a community, come together to help our fellow American men and women when they need us in desperate situations like this

At press time, Nas has raised nearly $43,000 for the Young family. The fundraising campaign ends on August 18th.

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