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A new study has revealed that sharing too many selfies on social networking sites like Facebook, could potentially be harmful to your closest relationships. But isn’t that what social networking is for?

A selfie in the bathroom.

A selfie in the gym.

A selfie in the kitchen.

A selfie in a cubicle.

Selfies are great and I’m totally being sarcastic, but Dr. David Houghton, the lead researcher in the study, is being serious.

The UK research discovered that people who post all of these selfies on their social networks could actually alienate their family members, friends and colleagues, the New York Daily News reported.

“People, other than very close friends and relatives, don’t seem to relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves,” Houghton, a marketing lecturer at Birmingham Business School, said in a statement.

“It’s worth remembering that the information we post to our ‘friends’ on Facebook, actually gets viewed by lots of different categories of people: partners; friends; family; colleagues and acquaintances; and each group seems to take a different view of the information shared.”

The easy remedy for those who post selfies is to limit those pictures to specific Facebook categories. You may not want your coworkers seeing your bikini selfie, so limit your posts to certain individuals.   If you’re constantly on the receiving end of selfies, just unfollow that person’s posts and it’ll totally eliminate their posts from your Facebook stream.

Problems solved. No “damaged” relationships. Selfies be gone.

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