Man with Hand of FaceSay you’ve got a man. A good man. (Well, an OK man, let’s not go crazy.) And he has a habit. A texting/tweeting/Facebooking habit that involves no touching, no meeting, no exchanging of bodily fluids, but still, there he is, up on the social networking talking to … well, you now who — women who aren’t you.

And what is your resident Anthony Weiner talking about? He says he’s just talking. Or maybe he’s just seeing if he’s “still got it,” or whatever that is supposed to mean. What? Got the ability to still lead chicks on over Facebook into long, elaborate Facebook relationships but be all, “Sorry FB girlfriend. Real Life Girlfriend has this on lock. So sad. Too bad for you. And all those sexts you sent.”

People say if it’s the Internet it’s not real, but not if you ask all the folks we’ve known who’ve broken up over not de-friending their exes on Facebook. After all, ya’ll broke up. What you need to be friends for? What are you writing right now? Lemme see your phone!

Is your significant going overboard when he or she thinks you both need to get off Twitter or Facebook in order to go forward as a couple? Or can we all just text and not sext and still get along? What constitutes as cheating in this new technological age and have you ever dumped someone (or been dumped) over talking to members of the opposite sex on Facebook or Twitter?

How’d you deal with it? Inquiring minds want to know … for a friend. Yeah, a friend. That Clutch was kind of … well, girl you know. We’re on Twitter too.

In the age of texts and tweets who does and does not count as “someone who cheats?”

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