Let the clean-up begin!

Russell Simmons conducted his first interview since “Harriet Tubman: Sex Tape” was released on his newly-launched All Def Digital YouTube channel.

The deplorable video made light of the brutal rape of women slaves by white masters, and dishonored one of the most courageous and extraordinary freedom fighters in African-American history.

Russell claims the historical significance of his rape comedy was lost on him, and that the backlash from black women “broke his heart.”

An excerpt:

“It implies the previous rapes…I’ve always had controversy, but this is different, because there’s a line…when I got called that Black women were disturbed about it, it broke my heart. I have other content that’s going to piss off everybody again tomorrow…but it likely won’t break my heart.

People around me are like, ‘Does that mean that you’re going to let people push you around,’ no, this is about Black women and they can push me around a little quicker than the entire world, and they didn’t push me around, they educated me on how hurtful it was, because I never considered rape.”

See the video below:

Do you find this apology more convincing than the last? Or is it too little, too late?


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