“Basketball Wives” is making a change this season, according to the show’s executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal. The show known for violence and drama will be more toned down this season due to cast efforts to curb physical attacks.

The producers also made changes to relieve tension on set: Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed, who found themselves regularly embroiled in conflict, are no longer a part of the cast.

Shaunie O’Neal is excited about the change. She says:  “As much as people complain, the numbers seem to show that they like it. It is what it is. I’m proud of this season more than any other, and I love that. I hope it doesn’t affect the numbers, but if it does, I’m still very proud of it. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Shaunie believes a dip in ratings this season “will show in a lot of ways what people want to see.”

She has high hopes for viewer turnout, however, and is even planning to expand the brand. She told Ebony: “I would love to add another city. We have definitely talked about adding another city or maybe even two.”

What do you think of the new toned-down “Basketball Wives”?


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  • nononsense57

    I may catch some flack about this, but here goes:

    SHAUNIE O’NEAL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK WOMEN. She has no interest in anything affirming or positive about Black women. She only cares about the money. I watched the season premiere last week and when Tami essentially co-signed Evelyn when she considered going back to abusive and unfaithful Chad Ochocinco, I knew that while the show is claiming to be toned down, it’s no less toxic. What Tami said was controversial and potentially dangerous, and gets the type of attention that Shaunie want to continue getting despite fewer physical altercations.

    I know she’s under no obligation to do anything for us, but I would respect her more if she just came out and said, “Look, this show makes a lot of money for me and that’s what I care about. I’m not here to show Black women in a positive light. That’s boring and I’m not at Season 5 of this show because it’s boring.”

    I know I’m only one woman, but I’m not going to support her, or this show. I just can’t co-sign toxicity.

  • Mind games anyone? Shaunie we know what you are trying to do and it won’t work! Your ratings are going to be low season 5 because of seasons 2-4, plus you get rid of the people that could really change how the viewers feel about the show and it’s current BS.

    • The Comment

      OK. Jennifer was the cool one. the show went downhill went she brought on Moms Mabley AKA Tami w/the jacked up feet that everything went all down hill.

    • Marisa

      You know what your right because the fact that Shady brought Tami on this show, knowing full well that Evilyn was Kenny Anderson jumpoff, and then those two meeting up constantly with Tami sucking up to Evilyn. Then for them to drop this I screwed your husband but you don’t matter factor whatever at Jennifer birthday party, which resulted in Evilyn getting her wig snatched.

      This show might have been on the Housewives on Bravo level if they had stuck to their season 1 formula. They added Tami and the fist a cuffs, drinks, table hopping, face and bottle throwing ratcheted up. Also in what world would Tami and Evilyn be socializing anyway that chick was sleeping with your husband.

    • The Comment

      That’s what I”m saying @ Marisa….

      LMAO calling Shaunie; Shady….Damn!!!\

      Yeah. I just knew Tami was going to get booted when she went to that upscale affair with some damn flip-flops. Looking like Mrs. Big Foot. As you can see I never got over that.

      I think Tami was in love with Evelyn. I really do.

  • donnadara

    No physical attacks is the goal? That’s a pretty low bar.

  • Patricia

    I am still not watching the show. Shaunie can talk all she want about “balance” and change. One of the past wives on the LA show says that she was only Executive producers in “name only” and don’t have any say so in any decision making process.