Bill O’Reilly recently labeled Jason Greenslate a parasite, beach bum and moocher. But if you ask Greenslate, he’s a professional surfer who happens to live off of $200 in SNAP benefits  because “It’s free food. It’s awesome.”

Twenty-nine year old Greenslate recently appeared on Fox News as part of their “The Great Food Stamp Binge”.  Bill O’Reilly is using the show to highlight examples of people and their “parasitic” behavior when it comes to food stamp abuse.

From Raw Story:

“The food stamp scandal, right now, 15 percent of the entire American population receiving food subsidies,” the Fox News host announced. “And some of those people are conning the system.”

O’Reilly said that the president was to blame for changing the work rules for food stamps and allowing “anybody to get them if they know how to game the system.”

“I take one look at this guy and he’s making money off the books,” he explained. “Now I’m not going to make any accusation on national television about how he’s making money, but this guy’s not just surviving on food stamps. Alright? He’s making money. The rat life entails a lot of different things.”

“But this guy is a parasite. And my contention is that the Obama administration is encouraging parasites to come out and, you know, take as much as they can with no remorse. And this is how a country declines. This is how we become a weak nation.”


Take a look at Greenslate in “action” as he describes his typical day that consists of  “Wake up, go down to the beach, hang out with my friends, hit on some chicks, start drinking,”

In California, Greenslate is just one of 4,169,854 (as of May 2013) receiving SNAP benefits.   Although SNAP is not intended to be the only source of income for food, there are many people and families that rely on it.  USDA data show that only 20 percent of SNAP participants have no income, while the rest either earn wages or receive government assistance.

Even though studies show that 99% of food stamp recipients do not defraud the government, I find it quite comical that the Fox crew searched the depths of the beach to find this dude.

Totally rad of you, Fox.

If O’Reilly has proof that Greenslate is actually “making off the books”, maybe he should do his due diligence in reporting fraud, instead of trolling for ratings.

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  • cupcakes and shiraz

    At least they profiled a white guy??? But why is he blaming Obama for an age-old problem?

    • Jenny

      Did you not watch the video? Obama signed away all restrictions for welfare so now even healthy young losers can mooch off the system. Pay attention!!!!!!!!!! Why are you commenting if you don’t even understand??!!!

  • shlbshl

    The package of insurance reform and Medicaid expansion via state-run insurance exchanges collectively referred to as Obamacare is certainly not a perfect to solution to the health insurance crisis facing America.

    However, let’s stop contributing to the atmosphere of histrionics and misinformation surrounding this piece of legislation, folks. Those at 133% of the federal poverty line (that means those below, at, and even a little bit above federal poverty guidelines) will receive heavliy subsidized exchange coverage. A sliding scale with respect to out of pocket premium payments will be implemented for those above 133% (I concede that I don’t know what the upper limit of that sliding scale is, though). The salient point, however, is that the federal government is neither scaring people into insurance, nor expecting already poor people to purchase coverage that they cannot afford without significant subsidies and financial assistance. The entire aim of the ACA is to expand coverage by making insurance significantly more affordable. You may not like this particular remedy, but let’s at least be forthright about its terms.