Tamar Braxton is making sure she has all of her bases covered when it comes to being a multi-talented entertainer.  For Tamar’s latest endeavor, she’s tackling the world of publishing.  In a joint effort with her husband, Vince Herbert, Tamar Braxton is releasing a new book titled after her upcoming album, Love and War.  The relationship book will center around the couple’s love life, which has unfolded on television for the last three years.

“It’s called Love & War because we’re going through a lot in our relationship”, said Tamar about the book’s title. “I call [the song Love & War] the soundtrack to our relationship.”

In addition to the release of her book, Tamar’s new album Love and War will also drop this fall on September 3rd. Braxton is also readying for her “Made to Love” tour alongside John Legend, which kicks off on October 20th.

Love and War will hit book stands on November 29.

Check out Tamar’s new single “All the Way Home” off her “Love and War” album.

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  • Pepper

    Do we really need another relationship book for females to read?? I think not!! What we need is for (more) Black men to seriously date, and marry Black women

  • Cocochanel31

    Tamar please! The Title should have been Golddigging 101!
    I don’t see any passion/sexual energy between her and Vince and as VAIN AND SELF ABSORBED as she is..if Vince was 500 pounds like he is now and BROKE she would not even let him shine her shoes. ..girl bye w/ that farce of a marriage.

    I’m sure she LOOVES the lifestyle he provides..if that dried up..she would be gone in a flash

  • justanotheropinion

    Once you’ve been married with some actual time behind you, then I’ll ‘think’ about getting your book…NOT. If you have to get relationship advice form a book, you are already doomed. And when said advice comes from a ‘non-celebrity’ that’s only been married for 3 years….honey child, pu-lease…..