A few years ago while enjoying happy hour in D.C. , I happened to notice a random guy and woman talking next to me. They seemed to be strangers and were just having a casual conversation. The woman then excused herself to the bathroom but left her drink unattended.  I then noticed something odd happen. The guy turned his back, then replaced her drink with his.  What in the hell? Who does that? Besides someone who may have slipped someone a “roofie”. Once the girl returned, I nudged her and whispered in her ear to let her know what happened, before we could even turn around to see the guy, he had already vanished in the crowd. Sketchy ass.

Getting “roofied” isn’t anything new. It happens to both men and women, and it’s even more prevalent on college campuses. Drugs like  GHB, ketamine and Rohypnol will literally knock you out.

But what if there was a cup and straw that could alert you to drugs being in your drink? That’s where DrinkSavvy.Inc comes into play.

Mike Abramson, the founder of DrinkSavvy, was once “roofied” while out drinking with friends. In an interview with CNN, Abramson discussed  his experiences and what led him to create the straw and cup combination.

“Within the past three years, three of my very close friends, and myself, have been the unwitting victims of being drugged. DrinkSavvy’s ultimate goal is to use the success of this campaign to convince bars, clubs and colleges to make DrinkSavvy the new safety standard and eventually make drug-facilitated sexual assault a crime of the past.”

Abramson says of his experience: He was at a club in Boston celebrating a friend’s birthday and went to get a drink and then “felt like I had 15 drinks. Luckily, friends were able to get me home safely.”

Two years after consulting with a chemistry professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a prototype was completed and Abramson started an Indiegogo campaign to secure funding. His campaign successfully secured over $50,000 in funding and Abramson is currently a finalist in the MassChallenge, an annual $1 million startup competition and accelerator program that helps entrepreneurs get access to mentors, marketing and other resources.

Here’s a look at Abramson’s Indiegogo pitch:

DrinkSavvy’s pilot program  is set to take place at a bar in Boston in either December or January.


What do you think about Abramson’s invention?

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