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A group of  Virginia residents have pulled their resources together to purchase a plot of land near I-95 in Richmond to fly a 15-foot Confederate battle flag.

In a message on the Free North Carolina website, Susan Hathaway explained that the group Virginia Flaggers would begin installing the flag next week.

“The Va Flaggers are THRILLED to announce that we have finalized a lease to acquire property adjacent to Interstate 95, just South of Richmond, and will be erecting a 50’ pole, on which a 10 x15 Confederate Battle Flag will fly 24/7, 365 days of the year,” Hathaway wrote. “The flag will serve to welcome visitors and commuters to Richmond, and remind them of our honorable Confederate history and heritage.”

Yes, “Confederate history and heritage”. Why not just hang a black man from the pole too? Or maybe, have a few of Paula Deen’s employees reenact a scene from Roots on the overpass as well.

Previously Hathaway cited the Ku Klux Klan for giving the flag a negative connotation and tarnishing the Confederacy.

“It’s a symbol of my ancestors and what they fought for and what they gave their lives for in a lot of cases,” she explained. “We feel like it’s dishonoring them to put some kind of shame on the flag and make it something that has to be hidden.”

Apparently for some Virginia residents, the state motto should be, “Virginia is for lovers….of  treason, oppression, and intolerance”.


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