A trio in Kenya has come up with an unusual solution to a common situation. After falling in love with the same woman, two Kenyan men have signed an agreement to “marry” her in an effort to keep the peace.

It all began when Abdhallah Abdulrahman, a local police officer, found Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani quarreling over Joyce Wambui, a widow who’d been secretly seeing both men for the past four years.

After Wambui could not choose between two, the trio decided to write up a contract that would “set boundaries” and hopefully help them continue to see Wambui peacefully.

According to Mwendwa, the agreement states that the trio will live with Wambui and help raise any children that may be born of their union.

Mwendwa told the BBC they created the agreement because the situation could have turned deadly: “It could have been very dangerous if the other man would have come to her house and caught me,” he said. “So our agreement is good as it sets boundaries and helps us keep peace.”

He added, “She is like the central referee. She can say whether she wants me or my colleague.”

Mwendwa doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea about his wife. While some may call the 20-something mother of twins a seductress, Mwendwa say she’s a good person.

“It’s not because she is a superwoman,” he told Kenya’s Daily Nation, “but because she is a hard worker and very beautiful.”

The contract, which appears to be illegal in Kenya, reads:

“We have agreed that from today we will not threaten or have jealous feelings because of our wife, who says she’s not ready to let go of any of us.”

It adds, “Each one will respect the day set aside for him. We agree to love each other and live peacefully. No-one has forced us to make this agreement.”

While the trio’s arrangement has steadied their home life, some of their compatriots do not approve.

After Mwendwa went public about their arrangement, he lost his job and says he’s had to go into hiding to escape the backlash. He’s also angered his wife.

Although it remains to be seen if he can get back in Wambui’s good graces, it doesn’t look like the trio will be able to sustain their agreement. While polygamy—marrying two women—is legal in Kenya, polyandry—a woman marrying two men—is not.

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  • Really Interesting or Not

    I need more info here there is just so much missing from this contract and the story that I am left wondering who is gaining or losing what indulge me in thinking this through:

    The contract is between the two guys not the lady ( the first 3 sentences indicate that) What does Wambui think about this shared agreement ?

    In background the lady Wambui is from the same tribe as Elijah (the assumption is made by last name although Wambui is a middle name she may be using it as a first/last name) but Mwendwa is not so clearly there is already a slant against Mwendwa on this between Elijah and Koi. – Google the difference if you are interested

    So Mwendwa lost his job and has a wife back home who is mad at him so in truth he is double dipping.

    Koi is a widow so what does her late husband’s family have to say about this, and where are they from since clear cut in-laws letting you be after death are few and in between in some Eastern/Central province communities.

    So any children gotten from this trinity will carry both the fathers last names and then be treated as a blood relations to both paternal families to inherit property from both ends and everything else included.

    I am yet to hear of that kind of progressive families but hey any new day is a day to learn something so maybe theirs is a unique situation that has brought up a unique solution, but would be interested to know the nuts and bolts and how they picture it working in the long run not just for the sake of peace lets share , IJS

  • apple

    if they both hot and loving..sure why not.. you will always have a man on hand.. one is mad/busy/unavailable, go to the other.. i would do it in a classy artsy way, like a movie tho -_-

  • I am curious about how this marriage will progress.