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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh tried to discredit Oprah’s claim that she was discriminated against by a Switzerland retailer. He surmised that the saleswoman assumed Oprah couldn’t afford a $38,000 purse not because she’s black, but because she’s plus size.

Referring to Oprah as “The Oprah,” he says:

“Oprah is a plus-size woman and there’s discrimination against plus-size women. […] You don’t see a whole lot of really fashionable, wealthy, overweight women. Most fashionable, wealthy women are stick-thin…unless you get into the frumpy ’70s and ’80s. But even then it’s an exception to see a very wealthy overweight fat woman. The Oprah could have suffered a double whammy when it comes to discrimination.”

Last Friday, he shared:

“We do not know [if] the salesperson based her judgment on The Oprah’s skin color. The salesperson obviously thought that The Oprah couldn’t afford the what is it—$38,100 bag. Maybe it’s because The Oprah’s fat…[and] how was The Oprah dressed? I mean, she didn’t look like The Oprah, obviously. Was she wearing [a] jumpsuit with tennis shoes, maybe Air Jordans that were not lace up? I mean, who knows?”

Is he aware that racism and prejudice around weight are both wrong? And that the beautiful, black full-figured woman he references could buy his radio show?


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