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It’s said you can find just about anything on Craigslist. From homes, jobs, a little NSA, congressmen, and pets.  Well now you can add positive pregnancy tests to that list. Apparently there are women out there shelling out money to either seek revenge on on ex or use it a positive test as a practical joke. In either case, so not funny and disgusting. The sad part about this is that there’s some man in Dallas thinking he’s the father of another child.  This is how people get hurt.

What’s next positive STD test results?

Because why? Because people are nuts.

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  • K

    it seems a lot of you didnt read she isnt trying to fool him into thinking she is pregnant or get abortion money she clearly said TO HAVE A LAST LAUGH, maybe im missing something but i took that to mean she wanted him to be stressed, worried,upset, etc for the next 5 months when she would start to show if she were really pregnant and the jig would be up. i think this is brilliant, lol i wouldnt pay for something to do this but just to know my cheating boyfriend is sweating bullets b/c he thinks he has 2 women pregnant at the same time and already has 2 kids would sure be a last laugh for me as well.

    • Marisa

      When you do that you devote extra energy and time to Mofos who don’t matter, thereby proving they still have some effect on you. Breaking up and your dead to me/persona non grata also works unless you got kids lol. Also this prank might not be seen as a whew haha you got me moment, folks are nuttier than a bag of walnuts these days and somebody might go off.

    • ScriptTease

      Until you come across one who decides to eliminate you permanently, then not so funny.

  • Pema

    Wow, she has way too much time on her hands. Sometimes it’s best to just let things go.

  • This sh*t is cray, ridiculous and plain dumb. Reading this confirms how some people use pregnancy and babies as pawns (even when their is no possibility of a baby). This lady needs to grow up and move on (because she clearly she hasn’t and still feels some type of way if she needs the last laugh…the last laugh should be you living well and doing well without him!) because this is beyond immature and joking about a human life/baby is nothing to joke about.

  • This is beyond sad. Fellas, you need to be right there when the blood or urine is taken for the test. I’m tired of these low life, irresponsible women getting over.