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Diti Bhasin of Diti Devi Makeup Artistry (www.DitiDevi.com) is a DC based, self-taught makeup artist. With over five years of experience in editorial, wedding, and special event makeup, Bhasin’s work has been well received by clients across the country. Bhasin has worked with The W Washington, Elite DC Mag, and has been accepted as a member into the RAW Artists Allegiance.  Bhasin, along with sicardPhotography, collaborated to put fall beauty trends on paper, so to speak. The following images are their interpretations of those trends, each of which tells a story. Clicking on each photo will open up the slideshow!


Trend 1: This trend focuses on a very eerie type of look. Washes of white, grey, and cooler tones leaves Maya Moore (of Wilhelmina Models) looking almost sick and sallow. No harsh lines, no idea of where a color starts or ends, and very little dimension and structure. Almost ghostly, but very beautiful.

Trend 2: Skin is in with this being the main feature highlighted (both figuratively and literally). Diti wanted DasJja Jazamynn’s (of MMG Models) skin to look wet. “This was probably my favorite trend, I think it’s so beautiful, and can actually be taken from season to season”, Diti explains.

Trend 3: Definitely much more wearable for everyday  It’s all about a red, berry, or deep wine lip, well done but not perfect. Skip the heavy liner, and almost stain your lip with multiple layers of lipstick, blotting in between each application. Diti didn’t go too dark on Grace (currently unsigned) because she wanted to show that any skin tone can wear all shades of this trend.

Trend 4: This is for that super chic girl who is always on trend, but never has to be perfect. A very worn in eyeliner, smudged and creased, is the main key to this trend. Very muted tones on the eyes and lips, all the drama is in the eye. Lindsey (currently unsigned) naturally has very thick eyebrows, but if you don’t, definitely play that feature up too!

To learn more about Bhasin, visit her website http://www.ditidevi.com and follow her @DitiDeviMUA

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  • Stephanie

    I get it… but none of these looks are fascinating for me. A red lip, smoky eye and moist skin look have all been done before… ( I feel like I’m trolling, sorry )

    How about perfecting trends that never go out of style, like how to get or fake clear skin and smoky eyes for different eye types… ( I tried smoky eyes years ago using a general method I saw online and I ended up looking like I was fresh out of a bar brawl )

    …anyway, makeup is fun…have fun with it

    • Tonya

      ( I tried smoky eyes years ago using a general method I saw online and I ended up looking like I was fresh out of a bar brawl )


  • Fresh Faced

    I don’t find any of those looks fresh or trendy.

    • Kaitlyn

      2 and 3 are quite nice, 4 is ok. the first is the only one really disagreeable for fall

  • Kaitlyn

    Very.. seasonal. I like the second and third look, not a fan of the first, definitely very dead looking for fall.

  • Umm, look number 1 is tough for ‘anyone’ to pull off. I have a similar coloring and look to the makeup artist herself. I can get away with silvers, silvery blues, and cool tones like green – even light green, and I was always a fan of the ‘Blade Runner’ airbrush masked eyes look… BUT still, I sort of see the version of the look above coming off as just making the wearer (if the wearer has anything from a reddish to deep brown skin tone, not light pink or very fair yellow skin tone) as looking ashy and grey if colours like grey, white or other cool tones are used.

    I’ve done mostly makeup for film, more than editorial fashion, but one of our primary directives with skin which has warm tones lies in methods which steer clear of greying or deadening warm skin tones. I know our skin tones vary greatly around here, but in its current incarnation, this look isn’t great for rosy toned, or warm toned women of colour. That is all. The application technique, yes, the suggested colour palette above, not so much.

  • Kim

    I actually like the ethereal style for the first look. Not everyone goes for glam, and this is an easy alternative for someone that likes to do the bolder smokey eye (like look 4) but want’s to try it with a gray or softer blue. If skin feels to pale, a light pink blush can be added.

    Look 2 goes against the normal matte skin trend for cooler weather, which I like.

    Look 3 is classic-glad you did it on someone with cocoa skin.

    Look 4’s smokey eye will never go out of style.