Earlier this week, for Paris Fashion Week, designer Rick Owens literally gave the audience something that they’ll never forget.  During  the last couple of weeks the lack of diversity during New York Fashion week was a heavy topic. But Owens pulled off something that people will probably never forget.

Who needs just plain ole models, when you can recruit members from various steppers to “Stomp The Runway”.  This may have been the biggest display of women of color any Fashion Week has ever seen. The step teams, who were recruited from the U.S. for the show, include one team entitled “Step With Momentum” based in New York City. LA Times fashion critic Booth Moore said some steppers were from various sororities. 

Here’s the full show from the vantage point of an attendee:


Clutchettes, what do you think about the use of steppers in his show?

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  • Me

    I LOVE THIS CONCEPT. In fact, the only thing I don’t love are the clothes themselves, but I rarely like runway clothes anyway. What I especially love is that, yes this is probably the first mostly black runway show, and instead of just making these women the black version of white shows (which is what so many black people keep begging white people for, and I don’t get why), they showcased an art form that is VERY deeply rooted in black culture, the presentation is atypical, the models are atypical, the clothes are atypical. Had this been an all white show, it would be called “edgy,” “avant garde,” and all sorts of futuristic flattery. But instead people are stuck on stereotypes. Newsflash, the way to eliminate stereotypes is to stare its existence SQUARE in the face, and I suspect that was an unsuspecting beautiful side effect to this show. Yes, the white people in the audience were probably caught off guard, but they knew where they were and what they were there for — fashion, art, beauty. So I suspect that at least some of them had to reconcile in their mind that the point is this show is one version of fashion, art, and beauty that hasn’t been explored yet. If anyone walked away with the notion of ugly from that show, especially after hearing the cheers from other people in the audience, they obviously missed the point. I hope the next daring designer who uses this as inspiration makes the clothes a little more flattering to each models shape, but other than that, I welcome this with open arms!